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Friday, August 31, 2012

Mom & Dads Birthdays

Birthday's are coming to an end, Grandpa's is next and then we are done for a while! :)
After we went to the wildlife refuge we had a little shin dig for Daddy, Ryan, & I's birthdays thanks to Meme! Everyone swam, ate and had some cake it was a good time!
Guh enjoyed the cake!
Happy Birthday to Us!
 Sweet Angel girl!
For Mommy's b-day we went an ate with Stephy & Trav the night before  since Daddy would be gone the next night...bummer!
I love this picture just hate that the quality is so bad! : /
Family Pic
Mommy & Stephy
On my actual birthday Stephy & I hit up the outlet malls & we had a lot of fun!! :) 
My new Coach Glasses, thank you Paisley hehe!
We went to eat at LaCasona w/ Meme & Grandpa & this is what happens...you get sang to and whip cream all over your face!
...And they got it on you too...you weren't sure what to think of that!
B-Day cake at work...
I just loved this picture, just eating breakfast!
We went over to Guh's house for Ryan's birthday, Mrs.Vikki makes an awesome carrot cake. I loved how you were being such a big girl at the table it was so cute!
Daddy's birthday was next & we had meet the teacher that same day!
 Dressed & ready for meet the teacher! I think you will love school you enjoyed playing with the little girls & boys in your class & your teacher was really nice too!
And Daddy got the Whip Cream too!!! :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wildlife Park w/ Guh

What a fun weekend we had! Daddy is going out of town this week so we wanted to be sure and do something fun!
It was raining & some how you talked Daddy into letting you go outside...and you loved it! You splished and splashed everywhere!

Your Grandpa's girl for sure!! You loved that hamburger, lately its been really hard to get you to eat meat...I know this isn't the healthiest meal but you enjoyed it!

We are in need of a good plastic surgeon to help Baby....Soph ate her fingers off!!!

Paisley say cheese.....OK BUT THAT MEANS CLOSE MY EYES TOO! haha!

We decided to go to the Wild Life Park in Alvin on Sunday. When you pull up you get some food & all of the animals come up to your car and expect food. You thought it was amazing & so did your Daddy...me on the other hand FREAKED OUT! The llama stuck its head in my window and wouldn't get out, those things spit & I was terrified! You are such a dare devil not one of those animals freaked you out...not even the ostriches!

Aren't they creepy looking!

These have ORANGE eyes...devilish!

The pony ride was my favorite part, mainly b/c I want to get you one and you didn't bat an eye or whine at all, LOVED IT!

The animals were all so friendly, they would just walk up to you and let you pet them...well if you have that bucket of food! The deer are in felt during this time of year so not often do you get the chance to rub on a deer but to touch his felt antlers was pretty neat to me!

You and Gunner had a great time, it was nice to see you guys play so good together & enjoy each others company!

Picture time!

Hahah, the Daddies!

I said everyone was nice...except this momma alligator. She had eggs under the hay she was on & she gave plenty of notice to Daddy and Ryan (the ones holding you guys) to back off...they did not so finally she started to stand on the fence....freaked me out!

Family picture opportunity....but you were too good for a picture..haha j/k!

We rode on this little trailer thing & sometimes the view was better on Macey's side so you were constantly back and forth!

The zebra wasn't hungry...but I never realized how cool they really do look up close! Did you know that their stripes are part of their defense against predators!

This little goat almost went home with us, really! He loved you...literally your hair, your clothes, your cup...he kept on nibbling on you and you didn't mind a bit! You are your mothers child, you love animals as much as I do which is awesome b/c now I can have a mini petting zoo at our new house!

He jumped on everyone!

This one loved Daddy...followed him everywhere!

Isn't that guy cool looking, he is some sort of elk, reminded me of a reindeer!

FREAKY Ostrich!

The wildlife park wore you out, but you made daddy reach in the back seat and hold your hand the majority of the ride home! So sweet!

Later that night we went to Meme's to swim! Cason & Gunner came too & y'all had so much fun! Meme got you a slide and you were up and down that thing so fast! Sometimes your lack of fear scares me, you ran to the deep in and just jumped in thankfully daddy was there!
I can't wait to go back to Wildlife Park!!! :) xoxo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

We Got Our Bikes!!!

I'm so excited we got our bikes last week! Stephy got one for her birthday and reallly wanted us to get one too so we could go on bike rides with her...well Meme caught word of this and got me one for my birthday that I got on Stephy's birthday! Stephy was so excited, I think it may have been the best birthday present she had ever received! Haha! We then turned around and got Daddy one the next day! We have been riding almost every night & Daddy loves it too! You even are ok with wearing your helmet..well until I pinched you with the strap and now you are finally coming back around! Last night we rode bikes up to Zizi's had some pizza and then finished out our ride, it was a ton of fun! You bark at the dogs & point out the birds you really enjoy it!

Our First Bike Ride on Stephy's B-Day!
I love you face here!

Quick Photo Opportunity!
Testing out the new ride before your seat was installed!

It was Uncle Ryan's Birthday...this is the only picture I got! We ate at Giovanni's...they take entirely too long for your attention span...note to self no more trips there!
Our bike collection!

Serious bike rider all geared up!
Hanging out at the Forgy's for baby Emma's shower!
The evenings are finally cooling down enough that we do a lot more outside, took our wagon down the street to eat at Fillips!
Mallary came home from the shower with us and hung out with us for the evening while Daddy raced. Mallary used to be like my child when I lived at Meme's, she's such a big help we are going to have to bring her around more!
You love to take our picture...getting a little better at this!
I got your backpack ordered for school...one bad thing it won't be here until September 22nd and you start school on September 4th...kinda bummed about that but it's cute enough to wait for!

Only a few more weeks and Mommy will be home with you 2 days a week!! :) I am so excited!!!!!!!!! :) Love you to the moon and back sweet girl!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Be a Blessing

Playing at the park has been a favorite & soon I'm going to get a bicycle so we can ride our bikes to the park. Soon the heat will die down & the evenings will be beautiful which is great for you b/c you LOVE outside!

 Sweetest baby around!
 Just a swinging!
Swinging with mommy! 
I had to take the dogs to the vet last week & Clo absoutley loved riding in the back of the truck! (however lifting her up in the truck was NOT fun) 
 After your doctor appointment we went over to Aunt Crystals....and y'all played...or she picked on you I'm not sure which describes this better!
 FINALLY the wagon is put together, you just hang out in it!!
 OMG Mom why did you try and wipe my nose...I'm teething this is totally acceptable leave me alone! (I'm pretty sure that's what you were saying!)
The Cutest Ponytail EVERRRR!

So when  we were at the park a little girl came up to us & started playing with us. She just adored you & of course we played with her and pushed her on the swing. Before we knew it we knew her name, age, what grade she was in and also that she was less fortunate. Her parents were separated & she was living with someone until they could get their lights turned on. She had no friends & didn' have much luck making friends which broke my heart. So at first I was just going to buy her some crayons & coloring books and drop them off where she lived. Just so happens we know the guy & I messaged him on FB making sure that I wouldn't offend anyone by doing so...turns out they are bad off & the dad is just trying to get by. I hate to see a kid do without, I hate to see anyone in a situation that I can help out with! So before I knew it Steph & I had schemed up a plan to purchase all of her school supplies, some school clothes, & then a few things just for fun! We dropped it of when she wasn't there and this is the picture I got....
It turned out really cute! (I tried editing this picture but it wouldn't let me.)

 Doesn't this just melt your heart?! She was so excited!!

The guy we knew sent us the picture with this message:
"She can't stop smiling. This is worth a million bucks. Her dad started crying. It was such a blessing just to see what you did for this little girl. Again Thank You!"

Sometimes you don't realize how much of a difference something so little as this could make in someones life. I believe that little girl was at the park that day for a reason & I'm so glad I was able to do this and it's just another of the many reminders of just how blessed we are. Steph & I have decided each year we are going to try and do something like this!

 McSopherson Sleeping, isn't she cute!

Happy Birthday to my BFF Steph!! xoxox! Tonight we are having a birthday party for her!! :)