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Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Pictures

You are such a ham, I love everyone of these pictures of you....

Holiday Festivites & More...

 This is my favorite time of the year but it's also the busiest time of the year! This year is kinda messed up since we are selling the house I haven't put any fall or Christmas decor up and it's really bugging me. I've decided if we don't have a closing date by Monday afternoon I will be dragging our Christmas tree down b/c you will not have Christmas w/ out a tree. We were supposed to move to Meme's so her tree would be up and everything would be great but I just don't see us making the closing date. We shall see! 

Hanging out with Grandpa, or PawPaw as you have been calling him!

We went to the Festival of Lights parade w/ Guh & his family, it was neat but you did NOT like the loud noises. 
I will NOT smile either...

You finally warmed up after some Teddy Grahams & started dancing to the music with Gunner. 

This tends to happen...switching of the kids!

Meme got you this cute outfit & I love it!

Finally our pumpkin patch pictures...my good camera messed up so we had to rely on my phone....you also did not want to say cheese...I thinks it's a phase you are going through. 

Photographer in the making...

Your new fascination is with the kitchen sink....I'm not sure why you want in it but it's a constant battle between you and I...we have started using lots of  hand sanitizer b/c I hate getting you upset over playing in the water. 

I love this picture!

Thanksgiving Day we started out at Meme's & then went to Aunt Caroline's. In this pic you, Meme, Uncle Ry'n, & I snuck out and went to play on your swing set!

Mommy, Paisley, & Daddy

Mommy, Paisley, Meme, & Granny. 

Power to the PENNEY'S

You wanted to take self portraits....you are saying CHEESE.

Uncle Ry'n...I love how you say it cracks me up!

Jumping with Aunt Crystal, you had a blast!

Your favorite then to do was scare us all, there were probably 10 of us guarding the edges of the trampoline. 

Sweet girl in her Turkey Day get up!

Once you and Landon warmed up to each other you loved him!

Driving Daddy around!

Already giving me the look : P

Driving around in my automobile....

I love this....Newborn, 6 Months, 1 year, & 18 months.

It was time to get our elf out "Elfie", you enjoy reading this book. You go get Elfie & the book and bring it to me to read to you. Maybe next year he will get a new name!

Just chillin with my iPad!

We went to visit Grandpa at the RV park....you were so shy but finally warmed up and loved it there!

Shopping with Guh, you are such a pretty girl! XOXO