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Monday, December 31, 2012

Our last week of December...

The iPad Mini is the favorite Christmas gift as expected....however 1 trumps it, the chocolate chip cookies from Hugh!

Drinking the juice out of your fruit cup just like your Meme.

Sporthign the shirt Brooke made you.

Getting ready to go with Aunt Crystal...

Oh you are so cute!

Sleeping like a little baby....so sweet!
You had a good time with Aunt Crystal, we even Face Timed...it was fun!

Like Father Like Daughter

We met Briley and her Mommy & Meme at Chucky Cheese Saturday, you girsl are 3 weeks apart. It was a great time!

Sweet girls holding hands!

Y'all put most of your tokens in this ride....1-1Token ride cost us 15 tokens lol!

We went to feed Holly...notice you are signing EAT!

Holly's baba is big! 
Daddy is such a sport, playing princesses with his princess!

You and Guh missed each other! That was my banana I was taking to work and you insisted that you eat it on our way to Macey's lol! You love bananas!

Coloring with your BFF!

Davenport Family Christmas

Since we are selling our house and we should have closed on August 1st, Oct 15th, Nov 15th, & Dec 15th...our house has not been very festive. Daddy hurt his back in September so between the chore of making him lift all of it and we were thinking on Dec 15th we would have moved out then or shortly after I did not put up a tree. I hate myself for it but hindsight is a B! LOL

So this Christmas we spent the night & Meme's b/c Santa has to put the gifts under a tree it's just what he does, duh! 

Christmas Eve...

Every single piece of paper had to be off of the gifts...

Uncle Ryan got you a bouncing Tigger that you love...

You passed out gifts & loved opening them for us...

You made Meme and Pawpaw a special gift that you were so proud of.

In this box was your favorite gift of all....

PawPaw checking out his gifts....

Meme & Pawpaw got you an iPad mini!!

Soph even spent the night with us...and this potty trained her...how awesome is that! Now if we can just get you potty trained!

Pawpaw got Daddy a saw...

Soph chillin with her Pawpaw!

This was my favorite gift to get you.

Now onto the next morning....

Pawpaw couldn't handle you sleeping so at 8:30 he woke you up.

Santa was sooo good to you....

See Pawpaw went and got you out of bed...

You were so excited!


Daddy look what Santa got me!

Pawpaw got you a special gift her name is Holly or Helen we haven't decided. This baby cows Mommy was too young and couldn't take care of her so Pawpaw brought her in for ya. Unfortunately we have found out that she is blind :(

Isn't she cute?!

We had to stop at the play place....don't worry it was 80 degrees on Christmas day...

Now for Meme's Family gathering...

You love your Aunt Lissa, she is so much fun!

Daddy claims he doesnt care for Sophie but look I walked up on him loving on her!

Daddy wearing your apron...you and Meme had matching aprons!

Poor Meme had a scratched eye... :(

Helping Pawpaw

Meme, Aunt Lissa, Granny, & Uncle Nick

Mommy, Paisley, Catie, Granny, & Ryan

We got at least 6 Minnie's for Christmas, oh you love her so much!

Merry Christmas from our family...minus Clow poor baby stayed home :(

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A special Visit...

We had a special visit from Meagan & Katie and some other special friends...as soon as Meagan post the pics on FB I will add them to this post b/c there are some very special pictures!

Sweet girl took a nap on Mommy's shoulder, you do NOT do that often!

Meagan & Katie got you some really cute outfits that I can't wait for you to wear!

You had such a fun time playing with Katie!

They are so special to me, I have known them since I was 2 years old...Meagan has now moved to Arkansas so when she comes down we are lucky enough to get to visit with her! xoxo