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Friday, February 15, 2013

21 Months

I am only 13 days late, but better late than never!

  •  Size 4 Diapers
  •  Size 6 Shoe
  • 18/24 month & 2T Clothing
  • You weight 24 lbs
  • Favorite Toy: Your babies (Ally, KuKu, KoKo), your kitchen, iPads, & my old phone.
  • Sleep...you are doing much better adjusting to sleeping at Meme's, we still have a few issues in the middle of the night from time to time. I do think you need to we weened from a nap b/c if you go without your 2nd nap you sleep all night. You take 2 naps still about an hour and half each. 
  • You are still a very picky eater, you don't like meat. PawPaw isn't making this any easier as he gives you cookies for breakfast, cokes, candy constantly....
  • Potty Training, we are fixing to start full fledged! For Valentines you got a baby that is a potty doll, some panties that you think are the coolest, and some candy for encouraging! :) Hopefully we will have better news come 22 months!
  • You love to be outside, you love the tractors, cows, and the swing set!
  • Fits, well lets just say you still through them but I think you are beginning to realize that you don't get very far with them...its hilarious what you do if I start throwing one too! LOL
  • You talk so much, you are putting sentences together! You sing with REAL words! You are too smart!
  • You know your colors, we were driving the other day and passed a blue oil derek & you said MOMMY BLUE!!!
  • You are very interested in letters and numbers so soon we will start on those!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

V-Day Pictures

Mrs. Robin used you as a model, look how cute you are!

What's been going on....

Well life has been CRAZY to say the least!

*We have moved into Meme & Pawpaws, I think we are now all settled in our rooms for the most part, we still have some organizing to do but it's coming a long.
*Friday is the last day I will be working at DTR, I will start working at the RV Resort & in 2 weeks you will join me.
*We should have the go ahead to start construction next week for sure! We now actually have a light pole, culverts, and a completed fence!
*I am planning Stephy's Baby Shower, that's the easiest of all of this!
*We are fixing to start potty training you, when you come tell me that you are wet or have a dirty diaper I feel that it's time!

You absolutely adore the piano at the restaurant!

Chillin w/ Trav on the golf cart!

You love to swing on our lap!

Poor Soph got trapped in your club house with you while you were collecting BUGS!

A freshly mowed pasture!

Freshly Mowed, Fence UP, Light Pole Up, Culverts Delivered, and Clint has marked his territory! 

A month or so ago Momo brought you a baby doll that you have named CuCu...well she made you another and SHE named HER KOKO! So you love your babies and play with them all the time!

Such a good mommy!

So other than just total chaos, things have been great! You are so stinking smart but I don't want to write too much b/c my next post is your 21 month post! I do regret that I do not have many pictures b/c you are completely obsessed with the phone & camera so I just try to keep it out of your view!

Nicki's B-Day

Nicki is such a sweet girl, unfortunately we missed out on her birthday party but we were able to go to her birthday dinner! 

I got a new camera as I mentioned in the previous post...I just thought this feature was too cool:

Anyways back to Nicki's B-Day...

Ally-Al and Paisley Girl

Oh lovins...

Here comes Nicki's B-Day Cake

Such a sweet girl we love her to the moon & back!

DIG IN! We hope Nicki has a great year!!!

Moving Day

Moving Day was really on January 9th & it is now February 13th...I have been a blog slacker!!! Here are the pictures of our 2 days of moving...

Everything really happened so fast...well we had only been in the process selling our house since May. I refused to start packing b/c our closing date had changed at least 5 times & I was at the point of just accepting we were going to live here forever. I finally got the call on Monday that we would CLOSE on Wednesday January 9th!! So Friday, Saturday, & Sunday we worked our butts off and got everything out of the house! I packed a little during the week but you had a lot of fun unpacking what I was packing!

I got a new camera in the mix so i had fun playing with it....this is you helping me pack!
Paisley girl helping me label the box...

Her masterpiece!!! 

The Moving Crew

Daddy had to make some important calls...

Stephy was Mommy's drill sargent, we donated at least 13 bags...and just wait you will see how much junk we threw out! 

Those hard working boys....

They really did work I just had fun capturing them being lazy!

Stephy & Hollis doing the worst job there is ....packing the kitchen!

We were running out of room and still had a lot to get in there...


Daddy's truck started squatting...

This was the hardest room for me to part with, this is where I brought you home from the hospital to! We spent a lot of time making this room just right for you!


EMPTY Living room...

Mission Complete!

Bye Bye house you were very good to us for 3.5 years!