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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How It's Going...

How far along? 12 Weeks

Total weight gain: 0 (lost 2 & then gained to at Monday's appointment)

Maternity clothes? Not yet, just need shirts that give a little more room!

Sleep: I sleep really well, just wake up 2 times to go to the bathroom vs. 3!

Best moment this week: Hearing the Heartbeat

Movement: Nothing yet..

Gender: I really think girl b/c the heart rate is pretty high & I just have a gut feeling...Joseph still says boy!

Labor Signs: No Way!

Belly Button in or out? In

Cravings: Geez...I'm not a big candy eater but that's what I crave!

What I miss: Being able to stay up, but it's definitely getting better.

Weekly Wisdom: Drinking orange juice fast is a HUGE mistake!

Milestones: We heard the heart beat!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So much to talk about...

We have had an action packed weekend as well as Monday!

The Brazoria County Fair is here so we spent 1 day of each weekend attending that. The first weekend we went out there on Friday and met my sister in laws & nieces out there. I was amazed at some of the rides those girls were riding...at their age there is no way you could have convinced me to get on those. They had a great time & it was a lot of fun watching Joseph & his sisters play some of the games. That night we there was also a concert so we watched the Bellamy brothers, I didn't realize how many of their songs that were familiar to me...definitely not going to say that I know them! The fair is definitely different this year, my parents say the older you get the less fun it is....and I'm afraid they are right! I used to LIVE at the fair. Granted the night life really isn't what I enjoy, I'd rather watch the livestock shows. Saturday night we went out there to watch the Rodeo...and oh my gosh were those bleachers awful! LOL

Just Hanging out while the girls ride rides! I COULD NOT believe they rode this...and thought it was fun! They are growing up I guess! :(

Nolan Ryan aka Joseph trying to beat this darn game....wasn't successful!

Crystal did pretty good herself...SOOOO CLOSE! Sherri made the dunking booth guy fall in....but for some reason I didn't get a picture!

This past weekend definitely packed full! Friday night we went to watch the hypmatist & to the cook off with Stephanie & Travis. Michael Mezimer never ceases to amaze me...it's always so funny but this time is was HILARIOUS! Definitely glad we made it to the show! I had my funnel cake for the year, I love those things! It's probably a good thing I can only get them once a year!! The first weekend we went they had a sand castle & it obviously wasn't finished but when we were there for the cook off it was....look at how neat it is:

I just couldn't get over how awesome that was! The first weekend it was just a sun I think!

We forgot to take pictures while we were there...so we took some in the parking lot. They aren't that great but they are memories and thats all that matters!
My Love & I
Steph & Trav

Steph & I

The following Day we had the Turkey Shoot, this is Joseph's second time to attend with Travis. I figured I better go this year b/c next year I don't think the baby will like the sound of gun shots! Joseph did really good he won 2 Turkey, 2 Hams, 1 Bacon...he kinda got jyped on that though b/c they ran out of bacon so he had to substitute 2 bacon's for 1 ham! But hey we have meat & they have money for a good cause! I was just there for moral support!

Kaysie & Richard

Steph won 2 meats & only shot 2 rounds...shes a pro!

Trav took home a ton of stuff!!

Me & Steph on the Golf Cart

Joseph Shooting!

Later that night when we got home we made hamburgers & carved pumpkins! I made an Owl, Joseph made a Ware Wolf, Steph made something that reminds me of the Cat In The Hat, and Travis made an awesome Haunted House! We did this last year, we are making it an annual thing!

Mine, The Babys, & Josephs

In the Dark, but my camera wasn't too good!

Last but definitely not least, yesterday (Monday) we had a doctors appointment. Thankfully Joseph was able to go w/ me b/c this was the first time we got to hear the heart beat! It was really neat, it took her a little bit to find it & after she already told me not to get nervous if it took a while...I started to of course! I recorded it on my phone but it wouldn't upload :(.

We had a great appointment. Last appointment I lost 2 pounds & this one I gained 2! The heart beat was 165 (171 last time) so it's pretty consistent. I and everyone but Joseph & my Dad think its a girl...we shall see! I am 12 weeks as of tomorrow, so first trimester down! In 6 weeks I will get the anatomy scan & we will know if it's a boy or girl! We are so excited this has been a great experience!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Names

So now that we have narrowed down options on names I think it's time to share.

The boy name wasn't even a question, we knew for quite some time that Jaxon Crockett Penney would be his name after his daddy Joseph Crockett Penney. I keep telling Joseph that maybe we will change it to Jaxon Cole Penney and he said not happening so...he got his way!

The girl on the other hand, we absolutely love it and some people just really don't! That's ok though everyone is entitled to their opinion but regardless its still the name we have chosen for our baby, Paisley Renee Penney. Joseph flip flops from time to time and thinks that maybe he like Hayden better...so i guess this one isn't set in stone yet but soon we will make up our mind! :)

Both of our children will have our middle names, we just thought that would be something special to pass on. Now it's no longer a secret :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

2nd Doctors Appointment

Yesterday I had my second appointment, wow has my baby gotten big! It's actually looking more like a baby, you can see a head, body, and the start of limbs. I was shocked to see the difference in just 2 weeks.

If you look closely the head is on the left...and then you can see the highlighted areas that are the limbs. I went in thinking i was 8 weeks and 1 Day & the baby measured 8 weeks and 2 days...so that was good. The doctor said since it measured so accurate that's very reassuring. The heart rate last time was 130 and this time is 177, everyone says its a girl b/c the heart rate is so fast. I guess we shall see!! I really wished that Joseph could have made this appointment b/c the first time all you could see was a dot & this time you could see it moving its little numbs, so awesome. I lost 2 pounds so i was excited about that...even though I'm sure my jeans disagree and swear i gained lol! I now get my appointments spaced out to every 4 weeks, so my next appointment is October the 25, maybe we will get to see my little one again! By that time i will be 12 weeks! :)

I stole this from a friends blog b/c i thought it was pretty cute:

(all as of yesterday)
How far along? 8 weeks and 2 Days

Total weight gain: -2

Maternity clothes? Nope not yet, but I'm about to have to start using the pony tail trick!

Sleep: Joseph actually commented on how i must be sleeping good b/c the bed is still nice and neat when i get up in the mornings. I get up 2 times so Bayleigh & I can go potty.

Best moment this week: Definitely seeing the baby move!

Movement: I don't feel anything...but it sure is moving!

Gender: People are claiming girl b/c of the heart rate 177. I have always had a gut feeling it will be a girl!

Labor Signs: Oh Geez NO!

Belly Button in or out? In!!

What I miss: Caffeinated SWEET TEA! Decaffeinated is ok but there is a difference.

Weekly Wisdom: Dr. Tran said once we see the baby move you are pretty much in the clear...so I have some relief.

Milestones: Definitely seeing my little one move around!