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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Picture Day @ School

Mom got really excited for school pics I went out and bought at $50.00 outfit that was adorable, only to find out that it in fact wasn't picture day...bummer! Mrs.Vicky was just taking some candid shots in the classroom which I've never seen...oh well.

I took some pics thankfully...but you weren't giving up the phone!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

16 Months

You have...

- You have one tooth and the one right beside it is a fourth of the way in.

- Started Pre-K and I think you enjoy it! You don't cry!

- Wear a size 4 diaper, 18-24 months clothes, size 5 shoes!

- Love your Brown Bear book! You bring a that book to us at least 10 times a day to read it! You love books almost as much as you love my phone, but they have to have some sort of interaction can't just be a regular book.

-You have now added a few words to your vocabulary- Hi & Bye like a hillbilly & its super cute, Mama FINALLYYYY! (you learned this at school I think b/c not until school started did you start maybe because the kids cry for their Mama's ...you only say it when you are whining...lol hey but I'll take it!) Cup, Broke, Go, oh and HUH....I think that's it!

-You are quite the climber, our chairs are high like bar stools & you have no problem climbing right up!

-Love any jewelry there is, especially bracelets & bead necklaces!

-Love cookies, I can bribe you to stop anything with a cookie!

-Enjoy our bike rides & point out birds & dogs the entire way!

-Love swimming, you kick your feet and move your arms! I don't doubt that you will be swimming like a pro next year.

-Love baths, you like to lay your head back and swish your hair in the water...some times I think you are a little to brave!

-Poor Soph, you love to hold her...she doesn't love it so much but hopefully she will get used to it b/c she is your dog! :)

-You've never really been that into TV but ever since you've discovered Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, you are obsessed! You bring me the remote and point it at the TV! You say Ohhhh Tooodless! I think you love it so much b/c of the music b/c you dance the entire time!

-Becoming quite picky with what you eat but you love fruit & vegetables...especially avocados!!!

-You have choked once on my birthday...not cool! The smallest chip is still not ok & everyone now knows that if you give my child a chip I will give you a busted LIP! LOL! That was probably the scariest time of my life!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cute little face, tiny little figure...back off boys until I get bigger!!

I love that face!

Your hair almost fits into a ponytail buttt it's a tad too short and falls out once it's all dry but its cute while it lasts!

I love this picture! You woke up super early & have been here lately as well as a few times during the night, I think you are having bad dreams :(.

Pretty baby!

For our birthday's your aunts bought us both a massage and a day at the Wake Nation ... we had so much fun as did you! Daddy wake boarded & Mommy knee boarded! We had a great day!

Swimming in the pond!

Second Day of School, I forgot to take a picture of you and your backpack on the first day! Ooops!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Paisley's 1st Day of School

First Day of Pre-K was a huge success!
You woke up and ate...very slowly!
You were in an awesome mood, so that was a good thing!
You at so slow that you had to finish eating on the way to school! LOL
First Day of School Picture, oh my sweet baby!
We like Mrs. Vicky a lot she's a very sweet lady.
One little girl was NOT happy to be there & you weren't sure about it! You wanted to play with that toy so bad but just didn't know what was going on!
Soon you jumped right in a played with a few of the other kids!
Warmed up already!
Mrs.Vicky & the rest of your classmates.
Katelyn is in your class, she's such a sweet girl!
This is your other friend Paisley she's a sweet girl too!
I think you will love school! Mrs.Vicky said you didn't even cry but you did tell a little girl quiet when she kept crying...oh Miss Bossy!! LOL! When I picked you up it was like no big thing, you are such a big girl!