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Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 30

You had your first slumber party with your Aunt Crystal. She took some time off and wanted to babysit you and suggested you just stay the night, I'm not going to lie that was a hard call for us! Not only were you going to be spending the night i wouldn't see you from 7:30am on Monday until 3:00 on Wednesday...so it was a long time!! Thankfully she brought you Monday afternoon to have lunch with us, but it was still very hard. I woke up and your normal times but it was nice to sleep and not have to get up! Speaking of...you have started sleeping through the night, OK well I have to get up and give you your pacifier but not a bottle!! :) That has been very nice!

We put up your Christmas Tree, it is filled w/ the Hallmark Barbies Meme has collected for me since 1994! I think it turned out really cute, and you just love the lights!

All of the barbies!

My sweet Angel girl!

You got your first pedicure...aren't those the cutest pink toes you have ever seen?! Of course I painted both your toes and nails when you were asleep...there would have been no way that you would have stayed still long enough for me to do it when you were awake!

We have a wanna be crawler on our hands! You get up on your knees and rock back and forth...you get so frustrated that you can't go...but it will be soon!!!! I'm not sure if I'm ready for this b/c you a such a busy baby!!

You have given your Daddy a big head...what started out as "BABABA" he has now translated to "DADA"....ok so maybe you have started saying "DADA" but "BABA" came first and comes more frequently! : P

The infamous spitting has come back...I thought you were over it...but not so much! It's hard not to laugh but I'm afraid that's one habit we should break from the start!

I love you little girl to the moon & back!

Black Friday Shopping

I'm a sucker for Black Friday shopping, every year Stephanie and I get our list & itinerary ready and hit the stores! This year it was a little different some sales started at 10, 12, 3, 5, and 6 so that meant we didn't get to bed until 6:30 am! OMG that is tough w/ a 7 month old!!! I got everything I was after & more of course! Wal Mart was our store this year, we checked out 3 different times & I went back when I woke up from my nap to get Daddy a PlayStation 3 game. Some how he convinced me to get him a PS3....we were just after a blue ray player .... crazy! I only got it b/c there were people standing in line since 6pm & we got there at 9:45 and there were still tickets left to get one...kinda did it in spite lol...I get evil during black Friday...something just takes me over! haha!

Target's line was insane....but thankfully Keslie was there and our portable DVD players. I got this for you so that you wont cry while riding in the car at night, you are so scared of the dark!

The DVD Players!

The PS3....and all of the movies...most of them were 10.00 and under!


We have a lot to be thankful this year, mainly my sweet little angel girl! I couldn't imagine life with out her!

Aren't these cupcakes cute....oh well they would have been but Joseph's truck is messed up & it shook the other batch to death so when they hit their destination they looked like DEATH! :( At least i got a picture to justify they WERE cute!
Grandpa just thought you were too funny!

Enough w/ the pictures MOM!

Carting w/ MeMe!

Too much Turkey & Sweet Potatoes for this little turkey!

Meme & Grandpa enjoying their sweet girl!

Daddy caught a fish!

Grandpa was keeping you warm!

Aunt Lissa was cracking you up!

Aunt Julia was singing to you!

I'm so thankful for you!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Week 29

Whats new this week....
Well you like to fake cough, I have been under the weather and had a small cough...so you little stinker you mimic every time I cough!

You are pulling up on everything, Clowie, Me, the couch, anything you can get your hands on....you do not want to be sitting down! Idk if you will ever crawl...it's looking like you will just walk!

You still aren't sure what to think about Gunner, you sometimes steal his blanket or his socks! One day he will be stealing your stuff to get you back!
Someone killed a dear at Grandpa's land...I think it might have been this little hunter!

MMmmm....Cucumbers are so yummy!

This was so entertaining to you, I drug you all over the house..and then you were just happy to be in there...the best pay pen ever!

This is the new face...followed w/ snorting! Idk where you picked this up but it is soooo cute!

Just a swinging!

Clowie loves you, and you like her but LOVE Bayleigh...who tolerates you! When Bayleigh scratches you laugh ... when she jumps you laugh...when she barks you laugh!

mmmm apples! You love to feed yourself!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Week 28

This weekend we had Capree's baby shower for sweet Ms.Caroline, it was such a good time! You got to see Meagan & her cute little puppy Ruby. You loved Ruby and Ruby loved you....

This is your serious face....eating breakfast and watching cartoons!

Swinging at the Park w/ Ms. Ashley

Taking a walk with KK, I just love how much you two girls love each other. I'm going to be so sad when she's not with you everyday b/c you just adore her, everything she does is so funny to you!

Out of the thousand dollars of toys you have...my spatula is your favorite!

Oh and....You have started smacking after you take a bite or take a drink, you are so cute!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 27

Her Mohawk is getting long!
My sweet girl!

Daddy & Gunner Brown

Clowie was guarding you after your shots!

This is what a fit looks like!

You love touching the water!

This week you have started throwing temper tantrums...this should be fun! I tell your daddy it's because you want us to hold you b/c you miss us so much .... he says I spoil you and that's why haha! You are a perfect angel!!

Crawling is in our near future...you scoot yourself around!

Sweet Gunner was born on 11-1-11, he's so cute. You don't think much of him...however you did try to steal his blanket! : P

6 Months

You are half of a year old...Oh Emm Gee!!

- You weight 17lbs 10oz you are 27 1/4". You are in the 96th percentile for height & weight!

- You eat 6 oz every 4 hours.

- You eat stage 2 foods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you also have cereal at night.

- You are eating the Graduate snacks, the yogurt melts, the puffs, and the stars....you aren't too sure about the yogurt melts.

- You can maneuver in a circle ... crawling wont be long!

- You have almost mastered a sippy cup.

- You sleep most of the night and some nights you wake up for a feeding.

- You've started pulling up, like in the bath tub not a good ideal little girl!

- You must be super sweet b/c the mosquitoes keep eating you up!

- You have got this little attitude, I'm not sure where you got it, probably your daddy! I think you're a tad bit spoiled : /

- You still love being outside, especially in the swing!

- You were spitting your food when you were full but you know what no means so you don't really do it much anymore.

- You are the most adorable little girl & can't imagine how fast this next 6 months will fly by!

You destroyed that office before we left!

17.10 lbs!

I think you knew it was shot time!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Happy Halloweeen!
Paisley had several different Halloween looks, check them out...

Cute little TuTu!
My First Halloween!

Good Morning Sunshine w/ her Pumpkin Bib!

My Sweet Lady Bug!

The Princess & the Lady Bug!

Our Cute Pumpkins!

Being Daddy's motivation while he carved the pumpkin!

She's ready to carve!

At the Pumpkin Patch!