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Monday, October 31, 2011

Week 26

We had a pretty relaxing weekend, we hung out at watched Daddy work on his race car, went to wal-mart, to the pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins, and just hung out! I love weekends like this!

By the way, your new favorite thing to do is spit...we tell you no but I'm not sure you really understand but you stop! Crazy little girly!

I have a ton of pictures:

I <3 Bath Time

She loves shopping!

Formula, does the body good!

Hanging out with mom watching daddy w/ our shades on!


Her new fall attire!

What are you looking at?

Love my sparkle shoes!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Pictures

Monday, October 24, 2011

Week 25

I have big news......YOU CAN HOLD YOUR BOTTLE ON YOUR OWN!!! It's very convenient, I can just sit you down and you are a happy girl and I can keep doing what I was doing!

My big girl!!

The week started out cold, and you have no winter clothes so I had to scrounge you up something! You were so cute! Don't worry you are plenty stocked up for winter now!

I love this picture!
We were watching Daddy fix his race car.

Then...it got a little warmer and....the stupid Mosquitoes came..and they ate you alive just going to walmart! Poor Baby has bites all over! They got you 3 times on your ear, 3 times on your finger, 4 times on your face(one on your eye lid), and 1 time on your leg! I'll be so glad when these stupid things go away!

Mosquito Bites

Here are some cute pics of you this week:

Taking pictures of yourself with Mommy's new phone!

You and your tongue!

Kisses for the Daddy...wait you little monster you wanted to EAT him!
Cuddle time with Bay!

You love your bath time!
You and KK went for a ride in the wagon!

Sweet girls!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week 24

Our Boss!

You have started drinking water out of a sippy cup and you are pretty good for just a little girl!

You love play time with mommy & daddy and when I set you down you cry. You are just a little spoiled...that's not a good thing! Meme bought you a book and its your favorite toy you have!

We took you to the Brazoria County Fair on Sunday, we had such a good time. We ran into Travis, Brandi, and Tenley Knighton so you and I rode on the carousel with Tenley and her mommy. At first you started to cry and then you decided you liked it, Daddy got lots of pictures!! We also went to the petting zoo and you enjoyed pulling all of the animals ears! It was a great time, can't wait for next year and we can do even more!

Daddy taught you how to stick out your tongue....now that tongue is always out!

You eat stage 2 foods and you have tried many of them, when I see new ones I grab them, and there hasn't been one that you don't like! You are getting to the point of wanting to feed yourself...this could get messy! You aren't a very polite little girl...you put your feet up on the tray every time you eat!

Little Monster!

I'm surprised that you don't have bruises from you beating yourself. You get so excited and start swinging your arms around...its so funny! You are blossoming so much every week, you have such a cute personality!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 23

Well Mommy was bad and forgot to do last weeks post so here are some pics!

You have started stage 2 foods, so you have tried turkey & chicken so far..well of course mixed with some sort of rice or vegetable. I just cant stomach them alone! For breakfast you eat a carton & at dinner you have one carton and then some oatmeal cereal as well.

This week you went to the pumpkin patch with Ms. Ashley and you took some cute pictures with you little friends! You had a good week but Daddy was gone a lot :(

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My first night away...

This weekend I went on my first trip away. You stayed with Dad & Meme watched you while Dad went racing. You were well taken care of!

As for me...I did ok it was nice to have a whole night sleep, but I was sick. So my time away was kinda hard b/c I didn't feel well & you weren't feeling well. We had a blast though, Canton was a lot of fun i spent 80% of my money on you, you got some cute cute stuff! There was an outlet mall right behind our hotel so that was pretty neat! Saturday when we finished up at Canton we decided there was no reason to waste time lets get home to our babies!! So we loaded up with intentions to surprise Daddy at the races, we did meet him at the races butttt he was pulling out! He was surprised though! When I got home you were sleeping but when you woke up at 6:30 that next morning I couldn't wait to play with my sweet girl! Time away from you is so hard, it will be a while before my next trip!

Steph asked that I stay awake the entire time, I thought it would be no problem I never sleep in the car. Apparently when you wake up at 3 am and have a 5 month old you do!

Canton Fun!

Some of our loot!

Me & Stephy!

Ready to get home to my baby!

All of our loot!

Your cowgirl boots i got ya!