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Monday, January 31, 2011

Baby Bump Monday Week 26

Week 26 (1-231-2011)

How far along? 25 weeks & 5 Days

Total weight gain: 6 Total

Maternity clothes? My wardrobe is beginning to have a pretty good selection of them, they are way more comfortable!

Sleep: Umm apparently I've been humming in my sleep...that's not cool!
Best moment this week: Finishing up the nursery!

Movement:Last night she kicked so hard my entire stomach moved!
Gender: Girl! Paisley Renee Penney

Labor Signs: No Way

Belly Button in or out? Still in but not very cute!

Cravings: Nothing to crazy!

What I miss: Nothing really this week, however I'm looking forward to a lot!

Weekly Wisdom: Let people help, swollen ankles aren't cute!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Momo Turns 81

Yep we had another birthday! My Momo turned 81 (or 18 she claims & changed the candles to read) & is in great shape. I sure hope when I'm 81 that I'm doing as well as she is. Shes a great lady, I wish many more years of happiness!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Bump Monday Week 25

Week 25 (1-24-2011)
Friday I had a doctors appointment & everything is looking good. It really hit me that this is coming sooner than later, next appointment we discuss labor options. We have 15 weeks and our little bundle of joy will be here, I can't wait but I'm scared at the same time. Paisley's heartbeat was 145 & my belly measured right on track 24 cm. Next appointment is the forbidden glucose test, so I'm sure I'll pass out! :( I do not do well w/ my blood being drawn! Joseph & I are discussing child birth classes, to do or not to do...decisions decisions!

How far along? 24 weeks & 5 Days

Total weight gain: 6 Total

Maternity clothes? Yes but I can still wear my other clothes as well.

Sleep: It's starting to get more uncomfortable, mainly b/c I'm trying to focus on sleeping on my side.
Best moment this week: My mom getting to hear her heartbeat!

Movement:She's moving all around!

Gender: Girl! Paisley Renee Penney

Labor Signs: No Way

Belly Button in or out? Still in but not very cute!

Cravings: Nothing to crazy!

What I miss: Sleeping w/ out worry...I'm so worried about his whole DON'T SLEEP ON YOUR BACK thing...that I can't sleep very sound b/c I'm trying to concentrate on that! But Dr.Tran told me not to worry that i will wake up if something is wrong just try and stay on my side.

Weekly Wisdom: This is will be over before I know it!

Milestones: My mom got to come to my doctors appointment & heard the heart beat! That was really neat & I'm glad she got to be there!

Action Packed Weekend

Wednesday is Joseph's moms birthday but since she works nights that day was out of the question, so Saturday we celebrated! We went to Tokyo & we had a great time and I know she enjoyed it! She's such a great lady I sure hope this year is good for her, however I know it will beings she will add a new grand baby to her collection! The Gang
Joseph & His Momma
Happy Birthday to you!!!
The chef let Brittany make some noise w/ his utensils, he was a funny man!
Opening the card from Joseph!
The green birthday cake, Sherri Baked it, I wrote on it, and Ally made the polka dots! Great outcome don't ya think!
I'm now hooked on going to Nicki's basketball games! Shes such a hard player & does a great job! Last week a girl on her team got in a fight with another team mate & this time I thought it just might be Nicki. They put the tallest girl on her so it was quit a challenge, but still she was a good sport & made several good plays! She did tell me after the game that it wasn't fair & the ref wasn't calling the fouls! I think basketball just might be her calling!

Finally she got to shoot some free throws from the girl fouling her.
See how tall this girl is, I swear she could just dunk the ball if she wanted to!
Such a good point guard!
Paisley's furniture came in this week & Joseph got it all put together, oh I love it! Now we are just waiting for the bedding to come in so we can pick out paint! We also installed a new fan in the room & it matches the dark wood great! Thanks to her Meme & My Dad( IDK what my dad will be called) for the beautiful furniture!
The Crib
The DressersSuch a good daddy!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Nicki Turns 10

Nicki turned 10 on January 16th, geez they are growing up I guess that means I'm getting old! When I first met the lil rugrat she was only 3 or 4! I tried finding a picture but they must be on my other computer, darnit!

Anyways to start off her B-Day weekend she had basketball games, I'm so glad I made it to the game b/c she is the star player I must say! She made several points, I was very proud of her! Nicki & Ally are both so excited about their cousin on the way, every time Nicki sees me she runs right up & rubs my belly and says IS SHE KICKIN?! Rubbing my belly from some people really creeps me out but I just love it when she does it! (:

After The game we went over to their house & she opened her gift from her mom which was a desk & accesories & then ours which was stuff to stock her desk (lots of fun stuff, desk organizers, pens, pencils, post its, highlighters, note pads, and all of that jazz). She loved it, I guess at that age it was pretty neat to me but the kid is so excited to go do her homework at her desk! Later that night she had a slumber party & all kinds of fun!

Sunday we had her family party which consisted of eating lunch at BJ's Brewery (see pic below, such a goof!).

We then headed off to The Mad Potter which both Joseph & I were really excited about. We all painted pottery, which the pics below aren't the finished product they wont have ready until tomorrow they have to be baked. Joseph & I both made something to put in Paisley's nursery!

Ally did the bubble technique, whenI first saw her doing things I said ALLY get that out of your mouth...I didn't realize she was supposed to be blowing bubbles in the paint!

Nicki made a change holder for her desk!

Ally still messing w/ the bubble stuff that she ended up not using!

Joseph made Paisley a Sock Monkey.

I made her a Princess Frog Trinket Box
Sherri made Nicki a picture frame that said Happy 10Th Birthday!

Quick pic!

Hugh & Crystal hard at work!

These are mine & Josephs, the dragon fly & peace sign are for Nicki's desk as she requested!

What a good looking group!
Silly Faces!
After The Mad Potter we went to their favorite place the chocolate bar!
Nicki & Her Yummy Cake!

Her Dorky Uncle!
All in all I would have to say she had an awesome birthday! I had a great time & can't wait to go back and do more pottery! Your Uncle Joseph & I Love You Nicki hope you had a great 10th Birthday!

Granny Turns the Big 70

One of the greatest ladies I know turned 70 on January the 8th! My mom put together a great little party for her w/ out her knowing! She was so surprised! Hope you had a great birthday Granny!

Her Little Spread

Granny & My Mom

Me & My Granny

Granny & Her Best Friends

Her & Her Children

Her & Her Grandchildren

Baby Bump Monday

Week 24 (1-17-2011)
Now that I actually have something that doesn't just look like a beer gut I'm going to do my best do start Baby Bump Monday Pictures (give props to my pal Brandi for the name). I've always taken pictures on Mondays but never posted them so I'm going to give this a shot!

How far along? 23 weeks & 5 Days

Total weight gain: IDK Dr. this week to find out!

Maternity clothes? Yes but I can still wear my other clothes as well.

Sleep: I was doing really well being able to stay up, now I'm finding it harder to stay awake.

Best moment this week: Umm, probably Joseph SEEING her move.

Movement: She is a mover I tell ya, she even likes to dance on my bladder for fun! I've began to have to empty my bladder more often b/c of this tiny dancer!

Gender: Girl! Paisley Renee Penney

Labor Signs: No

Belly Button in or out? Joseph is sure to let me know that it's not going to be too long before it pops! Isn't he sweet!

Cravings: I've not really had cravings, however Apple Juice is my favorite drink, Little Debbie Brownies are Amazing, & Italian Food beats anything these days! (Keep in mind these have always been so of my favorite things...I really like OJ but Paisley does not!)

What I miss: Sleeping w/ out worry...I'm so worried about his whole DON'T SLEEP ON YOUR BACK thing...that I can't sleep very sound b/c I'm trying to concentrate on that!

Weekly Wisdom: Just go w/ it on the maternity clothes....I know people think there are tons of cute outfits out there...there are not! So if you like something get it in every color! : P
Milestones: Yesterday was my niece Nicki's B-Day & we painted pottery, Joseph painted Paisley a sock monkey & I painted her a Princess Frog trinket box it was neat to sign Love, MOM & DAD on the bottom!
The dragon fly & peace sign we painted for Nicki. Joseph's peace sign says Peace, Love, & Chicken Grease...I'm sure this is why he ranks so high on her list!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Pictures for the Christmas Blog

Christmas 2010
Some BBQ spices my mom gave him: Good $hit, Better $hit, & THE $hit!

These two kept each other entertained the entire evening!

He couldn't wait for her to open this gift!

A new lap top! Lucky Lady, look how excited she is!

Wahoo my new purse!

Ryan got it too! It's actually really good!

MeMe's gift from Paisley!
The girls & their stockings filled with goodies!

More cute clothes, thanks auntie!

Granny, Ryan & Aunt Lissa

Her closet is going to be stocked before we even have a shower!

Paisley even got presents! Thanks Aunt Lissa & Granny!

The grandchildren

Isn't this the truth!

The best gift ever! Uncle Matt got me an awesome TV!

My moms siblings!

My family

Everywhere we went Paisley got spoiled!

This was Sherri's gift to Paisley & Crystal modified it!

Joseph's gift from the White Elephant Exchange...he's such a dork!

This game was a lot of fun, here is how it works! Everyone pitches in $5 that wants to play. You wrap several boxes within themselves, and you have to wear a pair of socks over your hands & try and unwrap it. In order to start on the next box all paper has GOT to be off of the previous box. Oh it was so much fun, you put your name in a hat & draw so you never know when it will be your turn & you only have 5 Seconds.

Joseph & Crystal didn't get their names called very often, but had a lot of fun w/ the game.

Aunt Stephy got Paisley a Sock Monkey!!

Family Photo

21 Weeks

He spoils her can you imagine my child!

Thanks to my parents & Joseph for buying me this awesome camera so I could take all of these great pictures! Love my Canon EOS T2i! I have a class this weekend to learn to use it to its fullest!