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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Week 39

We had a very busy week this week! Monday we had pictures with Robin, Tuesday I cooked Dinner for MeMe & Grandpa, Wednesday we had MoMo's B-Day, Thursday I had to meet with the Insurance man, Friday we actually got to breathe and cook dinner, Saturday we went to visit MeMe & Grandpa while Daddy helped build fence with Grandpa, and Sunday we went to Church & had Grandma's Birthday! Needless to say I'm glad we are starting a new week but this one isn't much better, we are so busy these days but that's ok keeps it interesting!

You have started one of the funniest things...bocking like a chicken! I'm not sure where it came from b/c I haven't taught you and Macey hasn't but it is HILARIOUS! We were in Fillip's after getting pictures taken and you were just a going it sounded like there was a turkey in the restaurant, you had everyone laughing! You have mastered high five and love to do it! Now you and Daddy have a secret hand shake its high five and then pointing, its really cute! I can't believe in 2 days you will be 9 months old, where has the time gone?

Pictures with Robin

She does the best work ever, I just love how she can make you smile! Little Miss Photogenic!

This is going on your birthday invitation, obviously it will be a sock monkey/ paisley birthday! I can't wait to get started on the decorations... I better get in gear!

Momo turned 82 on Wednesday, we had a great time at her birthday party!

Friday we got to hang out and play before cooking dinner! Playing & laying in bed on the weekends watching cartoons is my ALL TIME favorite thing to do with y'all!

Clapping! Aren't baby hoodies great?! I love it!

Watching them build fence!

Happy Birthday to Grandma!

I'm pretty proud of the card I made! <3

You are into everything, you definitely keep me on my toes, emptying the diaper bag out!

Walking around like it's no big deal! However you fall down very often these days, lots of bumps & lots of kisses to make them feel better!!

High Five Stephy!

"Whhaaaat?! I'm just pulling her hair!"

Monday, January 23, 2012

Week 38

It's so funny how much more you blossom each week, you are constantly on the go & are growing so fast! Trying to get you to eat baby food is such a task, you want what we are eating and want nothing to do with this baby food business!! You've learned how to play peek-a-book, and crack up every time you pull the blanket off of your face!Tug-a-war with the dogs is one of your favorite games too!! I love those moments!! You and Daddy love your time to wrestle, and now poor Clow has to pay the price!

Well poor Clowie, she is your new found playground! You not only lay on her you try and wrestle her like some sort of alligator! You are one crazy baby, and of course Clowie just loves every second of it!

Paisley the alligator, I mean dog wrestler!

Nap time on Clowie! Daddy was afraid you would fall, but you did this for quite some time!

I've caught you in the dog bowls while they are eating, I'm so glad they are patient! You have gotten very close but so far you haven't eaten any dog food!!

What an eventful weekend we had! Meme had surgery on Thursday so Friday & Saturday we spent some time with them! You didn't want anything to do with any other than your Grandpa...I can't say I blame you look at all the fun stuff he did with you...

I walked outside looking for you two, and this is what I walked up on! I love this picture & think you will cherish it for many years!

You even got to pet the cows nose!

Grandpa took you for a ride on the lawn mower, I tried to take you off and you wouldn't come to me! Finally you started dozing off and then you went right to sleep!

You spent some time with your Uncle Johnny Saturday morning...Daddy's toes in the picture haha!

You love this little dinasaur, you sit on it and watch TV.

So this sucking your toe thing...idk what to think about it...its rather weird but everyone says its normal! Again a yearbook picture!! (: (look at those new toms, we both have some :))

Having fun w/ Daddy's race car tires! Daddy can't wait until racing season comes up he thinks you will love it...I don't see that happening but I hope you do for his sake!

Mommy Folds, Paisley Unfolds....house work has gotten fun!

Sit in the bathtub..yeah right!

I made us a new wreath, kinda plain but I like it!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 37

This week has been a fun week, the weather has been pretty enough to play outside! You've become a brave little girl, you will stand with no hand for a few seconds, this means walking will come soon...I'm so nervous! You've already mastered opening up cabinets so Daddy has got to make it a priority to put the safety locks on them! You are such a little ham! Some of your favorite times are when Daddy rough houses with you, it's funny b/c then if you break out a book you are as calm as can be! Such a little stinker! When your upset or crying you will say mama...but you look like a little old lady with no teeth and you are popping your mouth when doing it...idk if that makes sense but I don't know how else to explain it! We have started on high five, you think it's hilarious! You have also waved and said bye bye...but you've only done it a few times! You spent the night with MeMe and Grandpa, you got to ride on the tractor and for some dumb reason I didn't take a picture, I guess we will have to go recapture that!!! Here are some pictures from this week:

You crawled into your room & you were playing alone saying "Ada, Ada, Ada"!

You literally have NO FEAR! You will crawl off the edge of anything...even the bed so we have to be very careful! You are nonstop, we have our hands full but wouldn't have it any other way you are so much fun!

This was the best investment that Santa brought, you love it! I love you little mittens, at first you didn't know how to react to them..you just froze and wouldn't move your hands...it was hilarious!!

Giving Gunner kisses! <3 I can't wait to put this in the senior year book! :) You were such a bully to him so I was shocked to see this! Especially since you wont give me kisses...we are working on that though!

When we pick you up from Macey's (she lives 2 houses down) we let you drive us there and back...I think it's one of your favorite things of the day! Daddy took this picture, SHOCK I know!!! : P

I've started giving you a spoon when I'm feeding you & I dip your spoon in the baby food. The smart little angel you are you put it right in your mouth! You did sling some in your hair but hey mom does that sometimes too & I'm supposed to be the pro!

Today actually is Nicki's birthday but we celebrated after her basketball game Saturday! Funny story there, Sherri asked that we go set up while she picked up the cake and Caroline took Nicki to get dressed! So Crystal had the understanding of Fillip's Cafe. So her and I get there early have the table looking all cute...30 minutes go by and we start wondering but know that its Sherri we are talking about she's late to everything! Well they call and ask where are we....oops we were supposed to be at La Casona...so poor Nicki didn't get a pretty table to be surprised about buttttt she did get a funny story to tell! Happy Birthday Nicki!

Opening gifts!

Little Miss Priss stuck her hand in the cake!

Sundays are good for napping with Daddy...

and watching the football game with mommy...

and swinging....

....swinging some more

especially swinging with Mommy!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Date Night <3

What do you do on a night where you don't have any plans but the Grandparents want to watch the baby??

You go to Wal Mart with your goofy husband and act like you are 16 again!

He's all mine!! :) <3

Then to our old hang out, Sonic, except now you park on the old people side!


Forget the diet you eat everything you shouldn't!!

We had a great time, those nights are much needed! We stopped by and visited our friends for a bit but were in bed by 10:30 and planned on sleeping in...yah we were up at 8:00!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Week 36

I was pregnant for 37 weeks...so I've now had you in my arms as long as I had you in my tummy...I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you! I'm so thankful that I've been blessed with such a sweet yet goofy little girl! This week has been the funnest of all, you are so adventurous & daring! You are all over the place, if I'm in one room you are not far behind me with your little Cough-Laugh, Daddy doesn't know how your little throat doesn't hurt as often as you make this noise, but it's so cute! You love to play chase,but you have no fear which scares me you were crawling around and where the floor steps down into the Texas room you fell right in and bumped your little head, you had a bruise for a few days. You love to clap, it's so cute! You will be walking soon, you're getting a little too big for your britches you just let go while standing up...really scares me! You've never really liked your walker but Aunt Sherri bought you a dinosaur and you love it you go backwards everywhere! Meme got you a swing set for Christmas and this weekend you weren't sick and it was warm enough to play on it, so Mommy went and got Karlynn and y'all had a fun time while little Gunner watched you, before we know it he will be right in there with you! Speaking of Gunner, Thursday was the first day Macey Babysat you y'all had a good day! I'm really excited for you and Gunner to grow up together, especially if we don't plan on having another kid! Josh told me that there is an album that popped up on Ella's Pandora account that was renditions by Journey, you know that as soon as I heard that I downloaded it and that's what you listen to when you're sleeping. Sleeping wasn't going to well but now that we have music playing & no lights on you sleep great...Saturday you slept from about 10:30-8:30 I made Daddy get up and make sure you were OK b/c that was very odd! You were fine as suspected but I was still a little nervous! : P We had a great weekend, didn't do a whole lot but those are the best weekends!!

Loving your swing set, you look so big here!

Paisley & Macey

Awesome Journey Music

Daddy & Meme said the drawings were backwards :P

Gunner & Daddy Relaxing...you not so much!

Just'a swingin!

Grandma, Nicki, Ally, & Karlynn

Riding the dinosaur

At Ally's Basketball game....some how you managed to fall asleep through this...loud buzzers & whistles....I don't understand!

You are defiantly related to your Uncle Ryan, he had a fascination with vacuum cleaners too!