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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paisley's 1st Birthday Shoot

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week 51

My next post you will be 1, how is that even possible? I can't believe how fast this has flown by!

Mommy didn't do very well with taking pictures this week because the week didn't start off too good! Sunday night we have a big storm come through and so you didn't sleep very well through all of the thunder and lightening, neither did Daddy or I. To top it off I was up sick vomiting and stomach pains, they eventually got bad enough to make me pass out so at 7 am Daddy rushed me to Houston to the ER ( I wasn't going to Angleton or LJ, just wasn't happening I'd deal with traffic.) A few hours later after 2 bags of fluid the verdict was I was severely dehydrated, had some sort of bug, and of course once I got there my stomach wasn't hurting anymore, go figure! So Monday night I was feeling much better, went to work Tuesday came home unloaded groceries and threw my hip out! AWESOME! So needless to say I've not been doing much all week, I need this to get fixed because I have a lot to do before your birthday party on the 5th!

Sunday we made up for how boring we were during the week and went to see Grandpa's baby cow & then went to have lunch with Daddy's family so i snapped a few pics!

Hanging out on the mower...NO GRANDPA IT WASN'T RUNNING! SHEESH!

The baby cow.


Going for a walk.
You two getting in trouble.
Swimming with Gunner!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Week 50

You are walking all over the place, you take at least 10 steps fall down but get right back up! I love love love watching you walk, and you are so proud of yourself! Meme & Grandpaw got you a coop....that's the only toy you will play with and you play with it 24/7! Friday you were sick so we hung out at the house & then went to visit MoMo! Saturday was Karlynn's Birthday so we hung out over there for a few minutes & then went to watch Daddy race!
You see we even have to sit in it to watch cartoons!

Beep Beep!
Ice Cream with MoMo!

Getting your daily exercise a few times around the yard ought to do it!

Helping me clean the kitchen!

Happy Birthday KK!

Paisley loved KK's present!

Chillin at the race track eating dinner.

Mommy & Paisley

Time for a swim!

You were such a good girl cleaning up the yard...or undoing what daddy had done! haha

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Easter Bunny

I expected that when we went to see the Easter Bunny that you would throw a huge fit & it would be a red faced screaming child in the picture where I had hope for a happy little girl infactuated .... but I got a little girl that could careless & just sat there and was not smiling! So i guess at least we didn't get the first option! I think it's hilarious how you just had absolutely NO EXPRESSION on your face!

Easter & Week 49

Easter was fun, I enjoyed dying the eggs...you enjoyed destroying the eggs so it was a win win situation. Saturday night we dyed the eggs(Uncle Johnny came by and helped) & decorated them (Mom did most of the decorating), I'm quite proud of those eggs they are pretty cute! Sunday morning the Easter Bunny stopped by and brought you some goodies because you've been such a good girl! Soon after we loaded up and headed to Meme's so we could help get ready and to my surprise the Easter Bunny visited you at Meme's too!! (you must have been VERY good) Daddy cooked crawfish for everyone & we hung out! Around 3 we went over to Aunt Sherri's and had an Easter egg hunt, you found about 3 eggs, the big kids weren't too keen on the idea of the little ones getting many eggs considering some of them had money in them. Again to my surprise...the Easter Bunny visited Grandma's house too for you...I don't think you have been THAAAT good...ok maybe so you're a pretty good girl!

Playing with Nicki
Yummm Easter Eggs!
Daddy was helping!
Family pic!
Paisley & Mommy
My little Bunny
Meme & Sophie helping you collect your eggs.
Look at all of your eggs!
Mommy is helping!
Lunch with Meme
Just chillin w/ my puppy!
Just hanging out on the farm!
Easter Bunny at Meme's!
Our Eggs
Daddy playing with his Easter Present!
Twizzlers for breakfast...thanks Daddy!
Fun stuff!
Daddy & Uncle Johnny dying the eggs!
Thank you Easter Bunny!
Mommy & Paisley decorating eggs!