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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wonderful Christmas

So Christmas has now come and gone, and might I add rather quickly! This was our 1st Christmas as a Married Couple and it's by far the best Christmas ever. The house was decorated inside and out, I really don't want to take it down b/c I've finally got it the way I want it! (not to mention it's going to take forever) We got to spend a lot of time w/ all of our family and thats always a blessing. Having such large families we're always rushed to see everyone and I never feel like I'm spending enough time at one place, but this year I feel like it was for the most part equally disbursed. We got so many neat things, I got things mostly for the house which that is what I wanted! I got a really neat steam mop, majority of my Fiesta Dinnerware, and many other kitchen gadgets. Joseph got tons of Bass Pro Gift Cards which he was going to buy a gun w/ which brings me to my next topic. Joseph and I decided instead of buying for each other we will just do stockings and give each other some cash to go and buy what you want. I've been pretty tight w/ the money so we really haven't gotten to splurge, so thats what we did! Joseph bought him an AR-15 which he loves!! He got it at the gun show the weekend before, he has been saving for this gun for a while....well it was between that and a GPS for the boat. So far I have bought a pantry b/c we have been in desperate need of it and I WANTED one! I guess when you grow up and get a house you want that kind of stuff b/c really thats whats exciting to me! I also got a new purse that i absolutely love...other than that i'm just holding out for a good shopping spree! So we got a ton of stuff this year & had a great time! We really have a wonderful family, we are so blessed. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and has a Safe & Happy New Year!
Joseph & Danielle

Monday, December 21, 2009

Crazy Life....but it's our life!

This time of the year I get crazy busy, and if I don't watch out I find myself not enjoying the holidays at all. We always have so much going on, first its Thanksgiving madness, then Christmas Shopping, Christmas & the Christmas Party for Davenport Transport. The "WHITE ELEPHANT" is the crowd favorite so i had to purchase 27 women's gifts and 27 men's gifts plus children's gifts, its a lot of fun but the preparation is very tiring. This year the party was a huge success so that makes it worth it. I also make the baskets for our customers this year i decided to make sugar cookies w/ icing and they were decorated so cute. Stephanie helped me, we paid very close attention to detail, so much that we were placing the shiny BB looking balls w/ tweezers! They all turned out so good!! Now its time to finish up the shopping for the last minute gifts and then Christmas! =) But through all of the chaos I've been very thankful that all that I have been blessed w/ this year! I will be sad when Christmas is over b/c I finally have all of my decorations out and just the way I like them! We wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


Joseph & Danielle Penney

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Holidays

This is our first holiday together as a married couple! It's been so exciting, if you come to my house you would be able to tell! I might have gone a little bit overboard with the decorations, but its been so much fun! = ) The day after Thanksgiving Joseph got the Christmas lights put up, I wasn't much help b/c I was up at 3:30am to make sure we got all of the good sales. I did that for sure, I got 90% of our Christmas gifts taken care of...now its on for the wrapping! We have our tree up and its really pretty I will have to post a picture soon! I'm so proud of the outcome, i hate to think that in less than a month i will have to put it all away! =( We have been blessed this year in so many ways, we have so much to be thankful for....we have a great family, beautiful home, precious puppy, and the best friends that we could ask for.

We just got back this week from a deer lease and had a great time.Our friends Stephanie & Travis invited us up to thier families ranch in Speaks, TX ....it is soooo nice! Joseph killed 3 deer & 1 pig. We had a great turn out, i'm ready to get all of the meat back b/c deer steaks are our favorite! Me on the other hand I was just along for the ride, maybe next year I'll shoot...we will see! I was the spotter for my friend Stephanie, I told her which animal to shoot and helped her find it! We killed a total of 5 pigs, not bad for as loud as we were. We had so much fun!!!!!

We have a lot in store for us in 2010, fwe have 5 weddings! I know we will be busy busy bees! I couldn't be happier for all of the newly engaged couples...just last year i was in the same situation as them. So much to get done, but we did it and I'd love to do it over and over again! Planning weddings is so fun, so lucky me i get to help out with some this year! We also are looking for a vacation for our 1 year anniversary....we are leaning towards a cruise. If anyone has one they really enjoyed suggestions are greatly appreciated!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!


Danielle & Joseph Penney

144 days and counting....

Well we have now been married for 144 days according to THE NEST counter. Things are going great, I couldn't have asked for a better man! We have purchased a new home, moved our dog in, bought a new car, gone through a surgery, and have done a lot of remodeling!
The wedding was awesome! We are so thankful for everyone that participated in our special day! The Honeymoon was ok, we had a great time but I wouldn't advise you go to . It was great to get away and we enjoyed every second of it, but I've heard from others that it just wasn't up to their expectations either! is just a very dirty place and the streets are scary. So most of the time we were just at the resort. I did swim with the Dolphins one of my many dreams in life! That was so awesome, I’d like to do it again so that this time I won’t be as scared. Those are huge animals popping up out of nowhere right in front of you! We also met a couple, I talk to her at least once a week so that really neat! We discovered we really like Piano bars, that was one of our favorite parts every night that’s where you could find us! LOL!
The house is great! We still have some work to do, and at first that was the hard part for me. I had a hard time realizing we couldn’t do it all in one weekend. We are definitely making progress though! We are hoping to have our game room finished up pretty soon. Joseph has been working on it and it’s finally ready to be textured. We still need to put in new bathroom counter tops, build a pantry, and put down some trim. Hey but we have at least 5 more years to get that done!
Clowie got to come live with us and I’m so happy to have her. She is so spoiled, she has con'd us into bringing her to work everyday. If we leave she just runs to Mrs. Pat’s and of course she lets her in. Heaven forbid Clowie stays outside! LOL! =) She has her bed in our bedroom and couldn't be happier. She has gained some weight for sure!
At the end of August Joseph had to have hand surgery. He got a cut on his hand and it healed but there was and infection in the joint. He had to go through surgery once to get the infection out, and had to get it packed for a week after that. It was not a pleasant experience for him, his sister, or I, it was one of the most painful things he has ever been through. After doing the packing for a week he had a surgery to sew the wound back up. He is now well recovered, but that was a miserable month!
Before the surgery Joseph's sister Caroline decided to buy my car. So I was carless for about 2 weeks. Well Joseph's first hand surgery was during this time, I was driving work trucks or my mom’s car. It was such an inconvenience for everyone, and very uncomfortable for Joseph. So we just decided after searching EBAY and Craigslist everyday to just go to Ron Carter and buy the one we wanted. So we are very proud owners of a Tahoe! My dream car, he wouldn't let me buy anything other that that. He said your getting what you want b/c this is the last vehicle for a while!
Now life has started to slow down just in time for the Holidays! This will definitely be a very busy year ahead of us. We will be in 4 weddings this year, congratulations to all of the Bride and Grooms to be I hope you all have a blessed marriage! I'm so excited to have our First Thanksgiving & Christmas at our home! Many of you have asked…BABY YET…no maybe next year! = ) I hope to update this often so come back and check it out!