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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Look who is walking...

While I was on lunch today Macey sent me a video....look who's walking at 47 weeks &1 Day (6 days shy of 11 months)!!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Week 47

This week we got our puppy Sophie, shes a cutie! With Sophie came lots of toys for both her and Clowie so she would feel at home...well it's baby heaven I guess! You have so much fun playing with all of the balls! You try and shove them in Clowie's mouth and of course she takes it...Sophie is already pretty good at fetch! When you want her you slap your let say Caaaa and make a clicking noise with your mouth, it's super cute! Here are some pics for this week:

You used the balls to scoot across the ground with...it was rather entertaining!

Sophie & Paisley discovering the grass...you would pick the grass and cover Soph with it!

Here is an example of you shoving the ball down Clowie's mouth!

Sophie does just like Bay did you stick your finger out and she licks it...it's the funniest thing that could ever happen to you!

If I say sweet girl you give me a hug...well this is you giving Soph a hug!

I love this picture!!

I have a picture like this of Bayleigh, it's funny how much they look alike!

The tag team...poor Clow has to be locked in the other room to eat in peace...I'm sure she felt like some sort of zoo animal with you two!

Sweet girl!

Cooking crawfish and relaxing with the puppy!

Look at that EVIL face...you were getting in trouble for messing with the computer!

Playing bouncy ball with Daddy!

Nap time with the Daddy!

Aww my little cutie first time swimming in her pool...it was a huge success!!


Sophie went swimming too!

You got a new stroller & Sophie can fit in the basket...she doesn't really like it much but with time maybe she will get used to it!

Someone is teething and not full of smiles...not the norm for this princess!!

Soph loves this chair...Paisley not so much...perfect!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meet Sophia Grace AKA Sophie

Sophie is our new family member! I battled with getting another dog b/c no one would every replace my Bayleigh Girl, but there was such a void there for not only me but Paisley missed having a puppy to play with that wasn't huge and all up in her face, and I also think Clowie missed her sister. So after a few days of getting in bed and no one in there, not even Joseph b/c he's working out of town, and no one to greet me when I walked in the house I decided to look at puppies. I found his lady and she sent me pictures the first 2 weren't very cute .... and then she sent me Sophie's picture and she looked JUST LIKE BAYLEIGH! Right then and there I knew I needed her, I looked at some other breeders pictures and none compared to Sophie. Joseph had been trying to get me to get another dog, so of course he was on board! We went and got Sophie last night, she is so sweet. I was worried I wouldn't like her too much just b/c she wasn't Bay but I love her! She slept all night, didn't cry at all, only pottied on her pee pad! Where ever Paisley crawls Sophie is right behind her, there are already good friends. Clowie is slowly adjusting, she didn't really like Bayleigh at first either so that is no surprise. Now to go home and see what she has destroyed...eeekkk!!! I have faith that our angel Bayleigh is going to help break Sophie in!!

This was my first picture that sold me!

Paisley loved all of the puppies!

On the ride home!

Sophia Grace Penney

Sophie in her bed with her goodies!

She's a cuddler just like my Bayleigh Girl was!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Week 46

Oh you do the cutest thing....you have your own motions to the Itsy Bitsy Spider...and they are pretty close to the real deal! Patty Cake is pretty cute too, you are such a smart girl.

Daddy can stand you up and you will take a step but I wouldn't call it walking yet...but pretty close!

Saturday our sweet girl Bayleigh got ran over...such a bummer b/c she was such a good dog! Mommy is debating on getting you another one b/c yall had a lot of fun together...I just don't know if I'm ready! It's wierd coming home and no one doing the crazy Bark that she does, no one sleeping by my feet...and worst of all Daddy was gone last night and I had to sleep all by myself. Clowie is taking it pretty hard so we are sure to give her extra lovings...but I think she too misses her sister! Right now I really want another one but most of all I just want my Bayleigh Girl back!!

Happy St. Patricks Day

Eating Lunch at Meme's ... you love that little chair!

Playing in Daddy's Race Car

Riding the 4 Wheeler with Daddy & Bayleigh

You emptied the box and got in it...then proceeded to close the flaps...crazy monkey!

Playing iwth Cash & Bayleigh

We went with Grandpaw to look at the cows...you had a blast! This was peek a boo out the window!

Hey mom...look at all of my cows!

Checking them out with Grandpaw.

We tried to get you out of there...you shook your head and said NO...several times!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

RIP Sweet Bayleigh

She loved her sister!!
Christmas pictures with my baby bump!
My sweet baby girl!!She helped paint Paisley's room!
Best sisters a little girl could ask for!
This was my favorite picture of her!
I'm so sad to say but my sweet baby Bay got ran over yesterday! :( It's been a hard weekend, she was such a good dog, I miss her so much. I have no one sitting in my lap as I type this up, no one to greet me when I get home, well Clowie does buttt it's not the same! I'm going to miss her soo much! My stomach still churns when I think about it, it was definitely not something I expected to ever happen to her...she's not a car chaser! Everyone keeps trying to get me another one, I don't want one she's irreplaceable. Our next dog will be when Paisley can pick it out in a few years. Rest in peace my Sweet girl!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo w/ Trek

We went and visited the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo yesterday! We had a lot of fun looking around, but my main mission was to get some good "TEXAS" pictures of Trek. As stated before in my blog Trek is a baby that has a disease that will take his life by the time he's 3, he is only a few weeks older than my sweet girl so it really has hit me hard. We have been doing everything we can to help support this family, right now we are hosting a Scentsy Fundraiser so if that's something your interested in check it out at www.jennydavenport.scentsy/us. You can also see more at any of these sites:
There are many things going on to support the Ingram's!

So here are some of our pictures of our day!

Trek riding a horse!
Paisley & Trek during some barrel racing.

Paisley loved holding Trek, she even gave him kisses!

Paisley & Daddy getting his shoes shined!

Trek in Texas!

Paisley's first time to try dip in dots & she loved them!

I got some strange looks when taking this picture! LOL

Trek with the Longhorn!

Mommy, Paisley, & Trek heading in to check out the cows!

The chickens, like her cowgirl boots?

She really enjoyed the baby chicks!