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Thursday, May 23, 2013

R.I.P. Clowie Dog

Our Precious Clowie passed away today, on our anniversary. She was THE BEST dog we could have ever asked for. She was almost 9 years old, we got her a year after Joseph and I started dating, she was like our child. Oh she will be missed!!! That is one dog that can never be replaced!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

You are Two!!!

Every single one of those pictures seem like just yesterday! Oh my goodness my baby is growing up too fast!!!

 We had your birthday at the Danbury park b/c our house isn't ready & I just felt like Meme's pool was too dangerous for all of your little friends.  We had a great time & it turned out great!!
Daddy fancied up your car w/ some purple racing stripes & your name on the side! This car has a radio that really works, it's awesome!

I brought in a lady that did face paintings & animal balloons! It was a major hit!

Happy birthday to Paisley!!!

You got so many awesome presents!!

I was standing there talking to Momo & she pointed out that cupcake and what it said below. In all of my 26 years I've never noticed that. That is your Great Grandpaw, and his birthday was your due date...you came 6 days earlier but I guess he was celebrating with us too!!!

Daddy's side!

Silly girl demanded that Daddy ride in her new car!!
On your actual birthday you & Daddy came and spent the day at the RV Park with me & then later we went home to have a little party for you!

Pizza is your favorite!
Stephy even came to your party!

What did you say??? I'm 2!!!
Yesterday I took you to the doctor and she said you are perfect!!!
You are:
34" Tall (60%)
25.6 Lbs (32%)
Wearing size 4 Diaper
24 Month or 2 T Clothing
Size 6 Shoe
You have so much to say all the time! :) Chatter Box!
Take 1 nap a day usually.
You are a picky eater but if you throw a condiment in there you will typically eat it.
Are not potty trained but you did wake up dry this morning & teetee'd on the potty!!
Love horses,books, Ally, anything outside, and baby Hollis!
Sleep all night...you still have a paci at night and during naps.
Know your colors, can point out a few letters, can count to 6, & know your animals and what noise they make. 
Such a big girl!


It's been a while since I've really blogged so now it's time to play "ketchup"! I say ketchup just b/c in the recent months you've become obsessed with condiments & ketchup being the all-time favorite. You love gravy---GRA-VAY is how it’s pronounced in your world, and you know the difference between "gra-vay" and ranch. It's so amazing to me how much you absorb, you speak sentences, you know your colors, you know every animal and what noise they make, you remember people and bring them up randomly. You amaze me daily with your intelligence wand personality. I knew being a mom would be such a joy but I didn't fully grasp it, no one does until their little miracles are before them.

So what's been going on in our world you ask? Well it's been crazy hectic!

  • January we sold the house & moved in with Meme & Paw Paw.
  • February I started a new job, which I love!
  • March I had back surgery & they started construction on the house. They actually poured the slab while I was at the hospital.
  • April Steph had baby Hollis several months early so she has been in the NICU doing really well.
  • May you turned two & Daddy is having surgery next week.
                                                       It's been something constantly!

Hopefully come July we will move into our brand new house & get settled again. All of these life changes in such a short time have been challenging but definitely blessings. I am so excited about our new house! We go every night to see what progress has been made & every time you go to check out your bath tub! If anyone comes over you show them the tub, it's so funny! At first it was very strange I thought we were going to be in so much trouble b/c the slab looked so small...it just continues to grow before our eyes just as Clint (our builder) said it would. So far, it's been a pretty simple process but I think b/c I've not been very picky...I may regret this later in life but in the end I don't think a light fixture is going to make me dislike the look of our house! LOL



I'm loving my new job & everything is leveling out enough that now I'm considering bringing you to work with me 2 days a week like I had originally planned. I just fear you getting bored, but you also want to be on my computer and using my phone so I go back and forth. I just hate to give up this time I could have with you but don't want to take away the fun you have while you are interacting with other kiddos!

Oh Baby Hollis, she is such a trooper!!! That girl is just a growing & you are in love with her and haven't even met her yet!!! No word on when she will be home yet but I just know she will be home before we know it.

You turned two! That's for another post!

Life is going good, you continue to amaze us!!