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Monday, May 28, 2012

Daddy came home...

Daddy has been working in Ohio for 2 weeks and left today to work for 2 more weeks :(. When he got here you didn't let him out of your site, you would get in his lap get down play for a minute or two & jump right back in his lap!! We have definitely missed him and we were so glad to see him! He was here for 4 days, and it felt like forever & I am so thankful for that. We didn't do much we played and played! I hate when he leaves especially for this amount of time, you do so many new things each week that I hate that he misses out on. We Facetime but normally you freeze up and don't say much so it's not the same. You have started waving hi & bye, blowing kisses, speaking in Chinese (lol very long sentences that mean something b/c you repeat it over and over), running, playing catch with the ball, rubbing the puppies very sweet, and you give a few more sugars these days, occasionally you will say yum & aww when you mess up.

Helping Daddy get his race car ready.
Daddy BBQ'd and you swam with Sophie!
And got to swing!
Lots of Daddy cuddles!
Y'all played in the sand!
That was the morning that Daddy was coming home!!!!
I just love this picture, I give you a bowl of something and you and Sophie sit down and eat, at least you share I guess!
My sweet baby!
Daddy getting his plaque for First in points for 2011.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Whew an eventful weekend...

We had a very eventful weekend but it started off you coming to work with me on Friday because Macey had a funeral! Coming to work was like heave...there were millions of rocks to play with!!! :)

In Heaven
You just ran and ran!
You got to do some fishing with Uncle Johnny!

Then on Saturday I signed up to take all of Ally's friends to Schlitterbahn in Galveston. You rode with Aunt Sherri & I had this little group of girls! Whew what a handful, I don't look forward to you being 13!
We played and played and played! Oh it was so much fun!
There was a little girl there that you had so much fun with! Y'all laughed and ran around for hours! You definitely got your Daddy's complexion while I'm burnt to a crisp you are a tan little girl!

Sunday we had a birthday party for Kylee Buswell, Sweet Potato the Clown was there and you had no hesitation...you just walked right up to him!
I think you really just wanted to be apart of what all of the kids we doing!

After the party you went and spent the night with Meme & Grandpaw, mommy got a day off! We got good news that Daddy will get to come home for the weekend I am SOOOOO happy but I think you will be once again in heaven. You have been lashing out a lot lately and I think it's because you miss him & don't know how to communicate that! Man I want him home!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Daddy had to leave to go to Ohio for work, he will be gone until the 22nd, he flys back for our vacation!! I'm super excited for our vacation, but that's for a later post! Anyways, so Daddy had to leave Saturday morning around 9 am and since Mother's Day was sunday we celebrated with him on Friday night. I came home to a clean house and beautiful flowers & a neat little tin that had your hand print in it! Since Daddy wouldn't be home to celebrate with Grandmaw I decided that we would surprise her at work with dinner, we had a good time visiting with some of the old folks up there! You were a big hit, Meme swears you will be the class clown...I'm thinking I'm going to be in trouble!
When I get old this is the retirement home I want to go to...ok it will probably be outdated but something simliar...just so you know! They have the neatest set up!
You walked all over this place!
You and Daddy even made the card how special!!
I ordered this for myself but from you...mainly because I've wanted one for so long & I was getting Meme one too! It's my favorite!

Once Daddy left we basically hung out at Meme & Grandpaw's all weekend! We played in the pool, had good food, and just hung out.You love to blow kisses now so that just melts my heart! Aside from Daddy not being here it was a very good Mother's Day weekend...well until my car broke down...but I got to drive Meme's new Cadiliac so that was ok! :)

Big girl loves to sit in her own chairs!
Love of my life!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First Real Play Date

After all of the Birthday fun we decided to go to Meme's and do some lounging around in the pool & your friend Katelyn came too! You two were so cute, here are a few pics:

One tired baby!!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Paisley's Birthday Party

You had the best first birthday any little girl could ask for! Thank you to everyone that swung by, we had a ton of fun!! I couldn't just pick a few pictures...well I did but it turned out to be 40 something and I can't call that a few!