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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

20 Weeks

I went to the doctor yesterday for my follow up appointment from the ultrasound. Everything looked great, she is growing perfectly. The heartbeat was 143, the nurse said you have a very active little girl! As we went on I was telling Dr. Tran about the U/S Tech we had & how she wasn't the nicest person I'd ever encountered...I was still a little weary to buy girl stuff b/c I wasn't sure. So the sweet heart she is she said well I one more patient for today let me go take care of her & we will do another ultrasound to be sure, I'm a need to know kind of person too!! I was so happy to hear that! She came back & did the ultrasound and said we DEFINITELY have a little girl so go buy pink until your heart gives out! LOL! Now I can order my bedding so I can start painting the room...oh I'm so excited! This is the bedding I've chose:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Joseph felt her move...

I've been feeling Paisley move more often, but its still very soft.Joseph has been out of town A LOT so the days shes very active he's not here or around. The past few nights I've been hoping he would feel her beings he will be leaving out of town again. I notice she moves more when she hears deep voices or maybe that's just when I feel it. My uncles & Dad were talking at work the other day and she was going nuts! Last night Joseph had a phone call while we were laying in bed & he was loud & she started! So I made him feel & finally when he hung up he felt her! It was not something that was oh yes that was her...it was more like I think I felt it!!! I was so excited that he finally got to somewhat see that amazing feeling I get to feel daily! When she moves it gives me that peace knowing shes OK, having to wait a month to hear her heart beat sometimes got nerve wracking! I'm so thankful for this baby & my wonderful family, this is going to be a GREAT Christmas, however next year is going to be the BEST BY FAR! I hope you all have a great time with your families and enjoy every moment you have with them!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

And she moved....

I had a busy day yesterday after work I finished up my last minute shopping, thankfully, then off to dinner with my sister in law and nieces. When I got home I went on a cleaning frenzy (my house probably appreciated it)...finally lay down and bed and oh my gosh was Paisley moving! I've felt her a few times but never enough to really know it was her...she was going nuts in there. I think had Joseph been home he could have felt it b/c I had my hand on my stomach and I could most definitely feel it. Too bad Joseph will be out of town for a few days, but I guess on the bright side she will perfect her madness so when he gets here he can really feel her! That was the best feeling ever, however it was a little odd, I was so happy to have finally felt it and for sure know what it was. We've been going to bed at about 9 every night...well this was 10:45 so maybe shes a night owl...this must change before she enters this word!! :) I can't wait to feel her again it was awesome!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a GIRL!

So yesterday we went for our ultrasound, I was so thankful that Joseph was able to make it. Originally he was supposed to go out of town for a job but since we had this scheduled first he was able to fly up there and meet them! Thats was a blessing!!!
So when we got there I was so nervous & I knew I had to drink 16oz of something or they weren't going to let me back yet but my stomach was churning so it was sooo hard....Orange Juice it was (thanks to my super smart friend Brandi) apparently OJ gives your baby a sugar rush! haha! Baby Penney was flipping and flopping around so she was very happy to show us everything the tech needed to see. She said finally this morning one thats going to participate. After about 30 minutes of her doing her measurements she finally said well ITS A GIRL! I was sooo excited!! Joseph said another GIRL! hahahah! He is really excited, he and his family were hoping for a boy b/c its been so long since they have had a baby boy! No worries we will get our boy next!
After the appointment we called & sent out texts so my phone was going crazy (my apology in advance if you did not get a text...i tried to remember everyone). We went to lunch at BJ's Brewery, gotta love their pizza, and we discussed names. I've been dead set on the name Paisley, I just love it! Joseph has never said yes or no b/c he said it didn't matter b/c it's a girl...well he was wrong! So we made our list while waiting on our food & he likes Paisley but wanted to choose the middle name.Well this was after he was giving me a hard time telling me he really wanted to name her Wynona Gene...really?? Not sure where that came from...random! I had 2-3 options Paisley Renee, Paisley Grace, or Paisley Danielle....he likes Paisley Renee...thats my favorite too! We are passing down our middle names so the boy whenever he gets here will be Jaxon Crockett, and Joseph picked that so it was only fair that I picked the girl! So as of now and we are about 85% sure that Paisley Renee Penney will be our precious little girls name, however my mother will be calling her Sweet P (she doesn't like the name)!
I'm very proud of myself I've not had the urge to shop yet...maybe b/c I'm overwhelmed with Christmas shopping at the moment..idk!?! My sister in law and nieces brought Paisley her first gift...the cutest outfit, blanket, and accessories!! This child will be spoiled rotten...it's already known! So ONE of the days we have all been waiting for has come and gone & now we know we will have a beautiful little girl come May! December 21st I go for my doctors appointment regarding the ultra sound so check back around then for an update!

How far along? 18 weeks & 1 Day

Total weight gain: So far nothing but we shall see at the next apt!

Maternity clothes? No, just the hair tie. I bought a bella band....I just don't really care for it!

Sleep: Sleeping great...however stomach is now off limits!

Best moment this week: Seeing my precious little one & finding out it is now a SHE!

Movement: every now and then...not too often yet.

Gender: Girl, Paisley Renee

Labor Signs:God no!

Belly Button in or out? In but I'm afraid it might be stretching...eeekkk.

Cravings: Gotta have my apple juice....I drank one gallon in 3 days.

What I miss: Sleeping however I want.

Weekly Wisdom: Every time you see your little ones progress its amazing. I can't believe how much she has grown!!!

Milestones: Knowing i will be having a GIRL!

*Be sure to send me your email address if you follow my blog b/c in about 3 weeks it will be going private. I do not want to allow just anyone into my life story especially once the baby is here!*

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Less than a week..

In less than one week we will find out what our little bundle of joy is!! This time has really blown by, I feel like yesterday I was just taking that test! I'm so excited, a healthy baby is all that matters to me,but my gut has always said girl. I've told myself girl this whole time and now I'm beginning to think boy(maybe its me preparing myself)...so all the cute girly stuff I've seen I'm kinda sad that I might not get to buy..... but there are sooo many cute boy things as well! I know the "THINGS" won't matter one bit but those things are what have made me feel like this pregnancy is REAL! It still so hard to believe that in just a few months we will be parents! I wonder how we will be...
Christmas is right around the corner, I love this time of the year!! Our house is all Christmas-y, it makes me feel so jolly and full of joy! The best part of Christmas to me is buying others gifts, I love the look on peoples face when they get something they have been hoping for! I love watching my nieces tear through the wrapping paper and get all excited! Just the joy that others get from receiving leaves me wishing for Christmas to hurry up and get here! Just to think next year at this time I will have a 6/7 month old is amazing!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Almost 16 Weeks

I had another doctors appointment today & everything looked good. The babys heart beat was 147, so much slower than its been in the past. I'm not totally convinced that was the heart beat b/c at first the nurse was having trouble finding it b/c she was just getting the echo...so then she found it but she didn't have it steady for very long until she blurted out that number. Not that it matters b/c I'm not too sure I really believe all of the wives tales...but still. I haven't gained any weight, and Dr. Tran said that was fine as long as I'm eating well & not getting sick.(and as long as I dont lose weight) Today she gave me the orders so that I can get the anatomy scan scheduled...I did that before I even left the parking garage! LOL December 8th @ 10:20 we will have our appointment!! I'm so excited! Thankfully we have Thanksgiving to keep me busy the rest of this week....and I'm thinking next week will just FLY by too....fingers crossed! I can't wait to find out, my gut tells me girl & Joseph is just set on boy so we will see who is right! :) I've began to look at baby bedding & I'm pretty set on the ones I like for each gender. Here lately I've been into monkeys...especially Sock Monkeys!! I just love those little things!! Both nursery's have monkeys as well as other animals. I started to go w/ a more sophisticated look & then changed my mind I want it to have a baby baby room...later we can make it look more like a big girl/boy room! I know they grow up fast so I want to enjoy the baby phase while I can.

We really haven't been up to much, Joseph has been working A LOT! :( We took our Christmas pictures yesterday w/ both dogs....let me just say that was a chore. I sure hope the pictures come out b/c our little angels let me just say weren't living up to their angel duties! I'm sure Sarah can edit them & make them look great! I just need 1, thats all we need for the Christmas pictures. Thanksgiving is Thursday, we have 3 stops....starting in Friendswood & ending up in Danbury. I'm excited to see everyone! Friday is Black Friday Shopping, Steph & I have been preparing for our annual trip for a few weeks now. We have our itenerary that tells us where we will go at what time & what we need to get first ..and what we will come back for. She's quite the planner!! 3 am will come early but it's worth it & a ton of fun!

Well thats about all I've got....December 8th look for an update!!

How far along? 15 weeks & 5 days

Total weight gain: 0

Maternity clothes? Nope but I did buy a belly band...my pants kept falling down!

Sleep: I sleep like a baby...although i get up at 2 & 5 every morning to use the restroom

Best moment this week: Scheduling the anatomy scan!

Movement: I think so but not sure...

Gender: Still say girl....

Labor Signs: No Way!

Belly Button in or out? no change...

Cravings: Baked Potatoes....and I really didn't care for them before.

What I miss: Hmm...Idk I'm not really missing much, I'm enjoying this!

Weekly Wisdom: Lay on your belly for just a sec (if you do it often you will get the spill i got today from the Dr...i never lay on my belly i just did to play w/ bay) and you can feel where your uterus is!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How It's Going...

How far along? 12 Weeks

Total weight gain: 0 (lost 2 & then gained to at Monday's appointment)

Maternity clothes? Not yet, just need shirts that give a little more room!

Sleep: I sleep really well, just wake up 2 times to go to the bathroom vs. 3!

Best moment this week: Hearing the Heartbeat

Movement: Nothing yet..

Gender: I really think girl b/c the heart rate is pretty high & I just have a gut feeling...Joseph still says boy!

Labor Signs: No Way!

Belly Button in or out? In

Cravings: Geez...I'm not a big candy eater but that's what I crave!

What I miss: Being able to stay up, but it's definitely getting better.

Weekly Wisdom: Drinking orange juice fast is a HUGE mistake!

Milestones: We heard the heart beat!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So much to talk about...

We have had an action packed weekend as well as Monday!

The Brazoria County Fair is here so we spent 1 day of each weekend attending that. The first weekend we went out there on Friday and met my sister in laws & nieces out there. I was amazed at some of the rides those girls were riding...at their age there is no way you could have convinced me to get on those. They had a great time & it was a lot of fun watching Joseph & his sisters play some of the games. That night we there was also a concert so we watched the Bellamy brothers, I didn't realize how many of their songs that were familiar to me...definitely not going to say that I know them! The fair is definitely different this year, my parents say the older you get the less fun it is....and I'm afraid they are right! I used to LIVE at the fair. Granted the night life really isn't what I enjoy, I'd rather watch the livestock shows. Saturday night we went out there to watch the Rodeo...and oh my gosh were those bleachers awful! LOL

Just Hanging out while the girls ride rides! I COULD NOT believe they rode this...and thought it was fun! They are growing up I guess! :(

Nolan Ryan aka Joseph trying to beat this darn game....wasn't successful!

Crystal did pretty good herself...SOOOO CLOSE! Sherri made the dunking booth guy fall in....but for some reason I didn't get a picture!

This past weekend definitely packed full! Friday night we went to watch the hypmatist & to the cook off with Stephanie & Travis. Michael Mezimer never ceases to amaze me...it's always so funny but this time is was HILARIOUS! Definitely glad we made it to the show! I had my funnel cake for the year, I love those things! It's probably a good thing I can only get them once a year!! The first weekend we went they had a sand castle & it obviously wasn't finished but when we were there for the cook off it was....look at how neat it is:

I just couldn't get over how awesome that was! The first weekend it was just a sun I think!

We forgot to take pictures while we were there...so we took some in the parking lot. They aren't that great but they are memories and thats all that matters!
My Love & I
Steph & Trav

Steph & I

The following Day we had the Turkey Shoot, this is Joseph's second time to attend with Travis. I figured I better go this year b/c next year I don't think the baby will like the sound of gun shots! Joseph did really good he won 2 Turkey, 2 Hams, 1 Bacon...he kinda got jyped on that though b/c they ran out of bacon so he had to substitute 2 bacon's for 1 ham! But hey we have meat & they have money for a good cause! I was just there for moral support!

Kaysie & Richard

Steph won 2 meats & only shot 2 rounds...shes a pro!

Trav took home a ton of stuff!!

Me & Steph on the Golf Cart

Joseph Shooting!

Later that night when we got home we made hamburgers & carved pumpkins! I made an Owl, Joseph made a Ware Wolf, Steph made something that reminds me of the Cat In The Hat, and Travis made an awesome Haunted House! We did this last year, we are making it an annual thing!

Mine, The Babys, & Josephs

In the Dark, but my camera wasn't too good!

Last but definitely not least, yesterday (Monday) we had a doctors appointment. Thankfully Joseph was able to go w/ me b/c this was the first time we got to hear the heart beat! It was really neat, it took her a little bit to find it & after she already told me not to get nervous if it took a while...I started to of course! I recorded it on my phone but it wouldn't upload :(.

We had a great appointment. Last appointment I lost 2 pounds & this one I gained 2! The heart beat was 165 (171 last time) so it's pretty consistent. I and everyone but Joseph & my Dad think its a girl...we shall see! I am 12 weeks as of tomorrow, so first trimester down! In 6 weeks I will get the anatomy scan & we will know if it's a boy or girl! We are so excited this has been a great experience!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Baby Names

So now that we have narrowed down options on names I think it's time to share.

The boy name wasn't even a question, we knew for quite some time that Jaxon Crockett Penney would be his name after his daddy Joseph Crockett Penney. I keep telling Joseph that maybe we will change it to Jaxon Cole Penney and he said not happening so...he got his way!

The girl on the other hand, we absolutely love it and some people just really don't! That's ok though everyone is entitled to their opinion but regardless its still the name we have chosen for our baby, Paisley Renee Penney. Joseph flip flops from time to time and thinks that maybe he like Hayden better...so i guess this one isn't set in stone yet but soon we will make up our mind! :)

Both of our children will have our middle names, we just thought that would be something special to pass on. Now it's no longer a secret :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

2nd Doctors Appointment

Yesterday I had my second appointment, wow has my baby gotten big! It's actually looking more like a baby, you can see a head, body, and the start of limbs. I was shocked to see the difference in just 2 weeks.

If you look closely the head is on the left...and then you can see the highlighted areas that are the limbs. I went in thinking i was 8 weeks and 1 Day & the baby measured 8 weeks and 2 days...so that was good. The doctor said since it measured so accurate that's very reassuring. The heart rate last time was 130 and this time is 177, everyone says its a girl b/c the heart rate is so fast. I guess we shall see!! I really wished that Joseph could have made this appointment b/c the first time all you could see was a dot & this time you could see it moving its little numbs, so awesome. I lost 2 pounds so i was excited about that...even though I'm sure my jeans disagree and swear i gained lol! I now get my appointments spaced out to every 4 weeks, so my next appointment is October the 25, maybe we will get to see my little one again! By that time i will be 12 weeks! :)

I stole this from a friends blog b/c i thought it was pretty cute:

(all as of yesterday)
How far along? 8 weeks and 2 Days

Total weight gain: -2

Maternity clothes? Nope not yet, but I'm about to have to start using the pony tail trick!

Sleep: Joseph actually commented on how i must be sleeping good b/c the bed is still nice and neat when i get up in the mornings. I get up 2 times so Bayleigh & I can go potty.

Best moment this week: Definitely seeing the baby move!

Movement: I don't feel anything...but it sure is moving!

Gender: People are claiming girl b/c of the heart rate 177. I have always had a gut feeling it will be a girl!

Labor Signs: Oh Geez NO!

Belly Button in or out? In!!

What I miss: Caffeinated SWEET TEA! Decaffeinated is ok but there is a difference.

Weekly Wisdom: Dr. Tran said once we see the baby move you are pretty much in the clear...so I have some relief.

Milestones: Definitely seeing my little one move around!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


So I love to read other peoples blogs, i just find it interesting & its a good way to keep up with people you may not see often! One of the blogs I read the writer is pregnant as well & is 3 weeks further along than I am so its neat to see what i can expect in the up coming weeks! One of my favorite blogs is White and Fluffy, its a food blog as well as whats going on in my life blog & she writes weekly so that's awesome. There is only problem....all of a sudden the thought of certain foods just make my stomach churn! So i have to skip over some parts unless it just sounds good and in that case i will probably be cooking it for dinner! Cooking dinner here lately has been a chore b/c my usual menu has a few items that just make me gag at the thought of them. So far I've been lucky enough that I'm not experiencing a lot of nausea but definitely food aversions & they are just as bad! I refuse to through out some of my left overs b/c just the thought of smelling them again kills me! I must say I'm pretty blessed i will take this any day over hugging the toilet!

My nightly routine used to be go to bed around 11, I am now lucky if I make it to 9! The other night it was about 8:30 and i asked Joseph if he was ready for bed....he just looked at me and laughed....I don't think he gets it! Luckily his mom & sister came over the next day and kinda put it into perceptive for him. I can go to bed at 7:30 wake up at 8:00 and still be SOOOOOOOO tired! They say in about 5 weeks I should overcome this and be a ball of fire! Well i can't wait and neither can my house...we have had so much going on mixed w/ my fatigue I'm very behind on laundry. :(

So far everything is going good, I have a doctor apointment on September 30th and i get another ultrasound!! :) Can't wait!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

1st Doctors Apt....

So we had our first doctors appointment yesterday, i was stressing b/c due to our crazy busy schedule at work i wasn't sure Joseph would be able to make it! I wasn't OK with anyone but him going b/c it deserved to see his kid first and b/c its different to be there rather that just see a black and white picture. Dr. Tran explained so much to he and I that i thought it was really neat.

So to start our day we went to lunch at Olive Garden & of course I ate too much and didn't feel that great! :) I then told Joseph to enter the Hospital vs. the Professional building so we had to do a bit of walking, but we got to the apt. with a few minutes to spare. When they called me back they asked some question & they were going to do exam so Joseph decided that he would go to the waiting room until time for the ultrasound, it was kinda funny but i don't blame him at all! The nurse calculated my due date and said i was 3 weeks pregnant.....i was like ummm what date did you use & she calculated it wrong for sure. According to the CORRECT calculations she said i was 7 weeks and 6 day due on April 29th. So then Dr.Tran came in and she was shocked that i was back so soon, as was I! At last the moment I was waiting for time for the ultrasound...so Joseph came back in! She said look at the screen...you see that blinking that's your babies heart beat, we were both amazed at how small it was (weeks 6 is the size of a blueberry). She measured the embryo and it measured 6weeks and 1 day & then she measured the sack and it was 6 weeks and 1 day so that was good news! May 11th is our little ones due date. Everything checked out great, she even printed us out a picture:

But...of course they had to ruin my high ... i had to have blood drawn...8 vials at that! I usually pass out, in fact i passed out 2 months ago when i had my first appointment with her! This time I was good though I had them talk to me and it was smooth sailing! I go back on September 30th for another ultrasound to verify the date & size. So we had a great first appointment, we stocked up on all kinds of information & prenatal vitamins...it was like trick or treating the bag was FULL! When taking our HIKE back to the car I was looking at the pic, and I said you know Joseph I think it looks just like you...hahaah! :P

So after our appointment we ran all over Pearland getting all the many things we needed & finally got home around 6:30 or 7 (we started at 11:00)! Once i got home and we were relaxing my mom said post it on fb already I'm ready to tell my friends I'm going to be a Meme! So now the world knows and is preparing for Baby Penney to enter the world! Everyone has been asking what are you hoping for, but really I don't care I just want a baby. I always thought I would want a boy first but really just a healthy baby will be just fine with me...of course Joseph wants a little boy but would be thrilled with a little girl!

Monday, September 13, 2010

So much...

We have had a crazy busy year, weddings have over consumed our life...but thats awesome we have been a part of so many peoples important day! I've learned so much through it though beings that i had just got married the year before...if you haven't been a bride then you don't understand how important your bridesmaids are to you. So to Brittney i wasn't one when i was in your wedding and I apologize b/c i sucked now that i looked back! You don't realize how important it is to attend the shower, the bachelorette party, help out with the little nick knacks, but most of all just make yourself available to just listen! I'm so glad that I got married first so that i knew these things and was able to help out! :) This weekend will be our last wedding, kinda sad but at the same time I'm thankful! Steph & Trav are two of our closest friends and i can't wait to see them & be a part of their very very special day! :)

Now that we have news of a baby I'm so ready for life to calm down, it will i know...well in some ways but others it will only pick up! 9 months really isn't that much time...not to re do a room & make it a perfect sanctuary for my precious little one! It's going to be over in a flash! My dear friend Brandi just had her beautiful baby girl Tenley Blake, i can remember the day she wrote on the kids menu at LaCasona "I'M PREGNANT"! Geez, that wasn't that long ago! Beings that i have the holidays to consume most of my pregnancy it will be over even sooner! November we should find out if it will be a boy or girl & thats only a few months away! Time flys by so fast these days!
I've been feeling pretty good, I can tell that my emotions are a little out of whack...crying isn't hard to do! In the first few weeks nausea was really bad but has began to subside...I'm not complaining! I look forward to Fridays even more now b/c I get an email saying how my little one will be changing this week! It's so crazy to believe i have a life inside of me...but amazing at the same time!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Big News....

The past few weeks i just haven't felt good. I've been having hot flashes, getting nauseous all of a sudden, constantly tired going to bed at 8 is awesome, and parts of my body just ache. So Joseph's sisters invited us out to dinner Sunday night & before we went i figured i better take a pregnancy test just see if i was...since we would probably drink some wine. So i went to the store & got it knowing it would be negative like the other 50 thousand i had taken in the past year....much to my surprise i finally got a positive! I was in such shock I definitely didn't think it was going to come this easy b/c next month i was supposed to be put on fertility meds. due to my PCOS causing issues. So i yell for Joseph to hurry up and come here b/c i was in disbelief....I said I just took this b/c of the way i have been feeling (he knew i hadn't been feeling A+). He was excited but wasn't sure....I have been taking Provera and it makes my cycle come....well i had just taken it 7 days before so he & I both weren't sure if maybe this could produce a +. Thank the LORD FOR GOOGLE!! I googled it and it can actually be beneficial...it is basically progesterone (a hormone your body uses a lot while pregnant). So we went to dinner shared the news w/ just his sisters! I took another test the following morning and again we got another +... as soon as I rolled out of bed to go and walked out Joseph said WHAT DID IT SAY!

We are so happy....so I went to wal mart to buy some Onesies for our moms that said "What happens and Grandmas stays at Grandmas" thinking this would be a cute idea even though Joseph wasn't thinking so.

So that afternoon we went to tell our parents and they were ecstatic, altough neither of them caught onto why i got them a onesie...i had to explain it ok I'm PREGNANT! Thinking we would hold out on telling most people until after the doctors appointment on the 16th we said to keep it quiet...even though they didn't listen but that was ok b/c i couldn't keep it any longer either! So a few people already know and if you're reading this YOU KNOW!! :) I would say I will be 7 weeks on Friday the 10th according to the calculator on thebump.com. It's still not real to me...I just can't believe it! I wouldn't have thought that within the first 2 months I would end up pregnant! So now of course my day consists of BABY stuff....nursery bedding, reading up on info, names, what the baby is like at the moment! Keep checking back I will try and keep this updated!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Garbage Anyone?

I saw this on one of the blogs I follow & really wanted to share. It's definitely something that we should all consider when someone lashes out at us or hurts of feelings. Sometimes its hard to accept when someone hurts your feelings or treats you wrong, but you never really know what they are going through. This is definitely something to think about, here is the email she got:

One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us. My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us. My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was really friendly. So I asked, 'Why did you just do that? This guy almost ruined your car and sent us to the hospital!' This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, 'The Law of the Garbage Truck.' He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they'll dump it on you. Don't take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on. Don't take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the streets.

The bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks take over their day. Life's too short to wake up in the morning with regrets, so..... 'Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don't.' Life is ten percent what you make it and ninety percent how you take it.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our New Addition

After several unsuccessful attempts we finally have a new addition to our family... a 12 week female Yorkie, Bayleigh! Joseph was totally against having a new puppy & I wasn't taking no for an answer. I've been looking for about 2 years now, dropping it here and there, but pretty persistent. We were going to get an English Bulldog but after finding out she was he...that bit the dust. I brought the neighbors Chihuahua over the other day and he was just MAD!!! So after really thinking it out & pleading for days I finally found my puppy! Joseph wasn't very happy w/ me the first few days but he got used to her and now loves her.

Bayleigh's First Night

It took Clowie a few days to get used to her, I guess she takes after Joseph! Now she is beginning to come around, she enjoys playing w/ her! Clowie weighs about 80 lbs and Bayleigh about 4 lbs...so playing gets kinda dangerous! She slings her around by her toy but Bayleigh just thinks its great! I think with time they will be inseparable!

Clowie Checking her out....
Napping Together

Monday Bayleigh went for her first hair cut! She did really well so Pam claims... but I think she tells all of her clients that!

Such A Pretty Girl
Here are a few more pics of her, isn't she cute!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1st Anniversary Cruise to Cozumel

All of the AWESOME towel animals!! That was the best part of the day coming back to see what animal we might have!!

While parking we could see the tail & THE SLIDE!!

As soon as we got on Fun Ship Freddy wanted to take a picture!

We are back & we survived!! Lucky us we took off all week last week (well Joseph did I had to work on Monday) and that was great! A few days off to prepare for the cruise & then 4 days of pure ocean view!

So we left Galveston on Thursday May 20th & returned Monday May 24th, although we had a great time I was so ready to step on land again!!! When we first got there we decided we would just walk around and check out the boat. First thing we noticed and was quite disappointing there was only one pool and it was tiny w/ 2 hot tubs! Needless to say we didn't spend any time in the pool b/c it was packed full!! One night we got to enjoy the hot tub for a little bit but as soon as someone else wanted to join us we were out! LOL! The Casino on the boat was pretty big & Travis spent most of his time in there, that was his first gambling trip so he was hooked. He came home ahead so that's always a good thing! Everywhere you went there was a photographer and he wanted to take your picture,we had a few taken. They are crazy w/ their prices (not just on pics but on everything) one picture was $21.99 INSANE!!! I'm a sucker though & beings it was our 1st Anniversary I wanted a few for memories. The food on the ship was really good, they were probably ready for us to leave Joseph & Travis usually ordered 6-7 things for breakfast, for dinner 4 appetizers, 2/3 entrees every single night!! OH PLUS DESSERT!!! They sure got their moneys worth!! And for the best part....Cozumel!!! It was sooo pretty the beaches were white sand and the water was crystal blue! We decided to do the Beach Party it was basically just a day at the beach w/ all inclusive food and drinks. I do have to say they play up in the brochure their menu a lot....but we survived until we got back on the ship. Joseph & I rode Jet Ski's that was my favorite part of the entire vacation! It was awesome! You could also get on a water trampoline, climb a glacier (kinda like a rock wall but in water & inflatable), canoe, and ride the paddle boats. The water trampoline was really fun & the slide on it made it that much better!!! Joseph was the only successful one to make it to the top of the Glacier and the Paddle Boats were fun but tiring! We also got to do some shopping, of course that was the best part to me. I'd like to just go and check out the shops with out having to beat the clock but we got to see plenty! The following day was our anniversary & my awesome husband had flowers sent to the dinner table! That totally made my day, although stupid customs made me give em up but I got several pictures!! That night we went to Karaoke, there were several people that had amazing talent on that boat and some that its just amazing how good they think they are!! LOL They had a country dance party that night too so we went to that & had a good time! OH the comedian was quite entertaining, although that was the night that I got sick :(.

So we had a great time and did quite a bit! I was so ready to be home b/c I really missed Clowie, goofy I know, but true!! Our 1st Anniversary was great & I cant wait to spend many many more with the love of my life. When we got home we ate the top of our Wedding Cake....it's definitely not as good as a year ago, lol! I'm going to attach some pictures but if you would like to see them all check out our shutterfly link:

Formal Night

At Dinner The Wind Star Putt Putt was fun!

The Casino

The boys checking out the view! Steph & I on the slide!!
The pool in Cozumel was very pretty! My favorite part!!!

Hanging out in Cozumel!
Anniversary Dinner, my flowers & the cake they brought us and sang to us!


Can't say it was very good!