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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whats been going on since the new year...

We have finally moved into Meme's we closed on our hosue on January 9th, I was sad to see it go but excited about our new house. We signed a contract with our builder Clint Peltier yesterday, I think we will have a beautiful home! Because of all of the above I have been awful about taking pictures, posting pictures, or updating this blog but soon we will get back on track!

New Years Eve we all went out and you stayed with Meme & Pawpaw and did fire works...Pawpaw said after one you were DONE! So we have no cute pictures like last year but thats ok!

 You were one tuckered out baby after your big New Years bash at Meme's!

We went to a bounce house for Ella's 5th Birthday, very unexpectedly you loved to ride on the bull!!

And of course Jumping too!

You are the best mother of two, lol!

I am obsessed w/ these bath crayons...but now you hate the bath b/c we had a bad experience with some ants in the tub so now you SCREAM BEEEESSS!

Just Chilling with Ally! 

It was moving day...this was a great place for you LOL! 

The newly HOMELESS couple! : P 

So much fun w/ Guh & Bray! 

Bye Bye House, you loved running through it w/ NOTHING in it! 

This is what our new house will look similar to! 

"SOAP-IE" as you call her got a haircut! 

My poor child and 3 iPads man you need one more! 

Playing with and Baloo..hehe! 

You convinced PawPaw to wear high heels! : P 

Finally you will get on this 4 wheeler!!! 

Fun on your playground! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

20 Months

In 4 months you will be 2...how does that happen so quick?

You are so smart, you have picked up on sign language so quick that I am going to continue to teach you....I too am learning. You know: cookie, drink, eat, candy, and we are learning please and sorry. These have really helped you communicate, especially EAT! :) You talk so good now though, my favorite words you say are Right, Okay, and Sherri, you are so cute!

You are wearing 18-24 month & sometimes 2T Clothing. Size 5 shoes & 6 if we are lucky!

You are a picky eater! You love mac & cheese & hot dogs...if you could have that every meal you would...well Candy & Cookies may be a tough fight!

You love to color on both your ipad and in coloring books. You know majority of your colors...white seems to be your favorite still.

I wont be surprised if you can spell your name by the time you are two...you just pick things up so easily.

Potty training isn't going to well & I am not going to push it. You have started to tell me when you teetee and I think that means we are getting closer.

Naps are easy as long as Ally tells you that she wants to go lay down with Minnie, I hope we never lose that doll LOL!

Our house is scheduled to close any day now so life has been pretty chaotic! Soon we will be living with Meme & PawPaw, I am interested to see how you adjust. Hopefully by your birthday we will have somewhat of a house built, hehe!!

My next post will be a photo frenzy b/c I have a new camera that I have been using more than my phone so be ready! :)