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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Welcome Fall...

Fall & Spring are my favorite times of the year, it's not too hot & it's not too cold! You can wear cute hoodies & jackets, dressing a sweet little girl is even better!!! :)

We went shopping at town square in Pearland & everytime we go you have to collect acorns! (you normally wear shoes we were just running in and out & you DID NOT want them on...pick your battles)
We have a little cheerleader on our hands...you see my friends Paisley & I are sooo happy b/c Daddy has found a new racing hobby...This time if the car flips we don't have to worry if Daddy is ok...it's just a remote control car. There is a track for them pretty close to the house and so far he has shown a lot of interest in this expensive little gadget so we keep cheering him on!  

You love the RC Track, chasing that little car is quite fun!

Sweet Gunner & his mommy & daddy went with us. It's so funny how protective you are of him, he was running w/ his mommy's keys & you were right behind him yelling GUH GUH and took them from him to bring back to Macey...such a mother hen! 

Sweet Babies

Swinging w/ Guh!

You are so darn cute!

I love fall for this reason exactly, your boots are so cute!

Oh McSopherson!
Oh and you and I both love soups and stews....Daddy not so much but he will just have to learn to love it!

We also got got meet your new second cousin Sophia Grace, she is so sweet!

We spent a lot of time w/ Gunner this weekend ya'll had a lot of fun together!

Swinging w/ mommy!

This is my favorite outfit, isn't it cute!?

Knock Knock...Guh wanna come play?

I'm cute & I know it!

Look what a difference a year makes...I know I keep doing a lot of comparisons but it's so hard to believe how much you have grown in a year! 

Kisses until next time.... .Muah! XOXO


I was waiting to post this until we got Paisley's pumpkin carved but it doesn't look like it's going to happen! I feel bad but we have been crazy busy! Thankfully she decorated a pumpkin with Macey & it is reallly cute! She played with our pumpkins & loves to say pumpkin so I'm ok with it...can you tell I'm still trying to convince myself....ugh I just don't like that we don't have a picture of her doig something w/ a pumpkin...we might be doing after Halloween pumpkin carving tomorrow! LOL

Every year Steph & Travis come over & we carve pumpkins. This year we had gone to the fair early that day & Steph & Trav showed up later than expected so you were worn out and ready for bed so unfortunately you didn't join in on the fun. I hate the feeling of the nastyness inside of the pumpkins so I decided to paint mine this year. Once the boys cut theirs open & Stephy smelt the nastyness she almost got SICK since she is expecting a little punkin in June :), so she painted hers & Baby Hawk's too! They all turned out so cute but I think your ghost is the cutest!

The girls pumpkins!

The whole night summed up in one collage.
Nicki spent the day w/ us so she carved a pumpkin too!

We all did really good!

Stephy & I
The ones who didn't mind the nastyness ... LOL
They worked so hard!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Until next time BCFA...

We had a great time at the fair this year! It made me anxious to get our house built so we can get you some animals other than dogs. You had such a blast petting the animals & telling us what sounds they all made, not one of the scared you! You didn't want to ride the pony & I'm not happy about that little girl b/c I"m trying to get Grandpa to get you one for your birthday so we have 6 months get this straightened out! (6 months...really OMG)

Daddy, Stephy, Trav, & I all went to the fair on Friday night, man it's just not as fun when you aren't there! We were home by 11:00, I guess we are getting old...

Just chatting w/ Aunt Crystal while Mom & Dad get dressed to go to the fair!
I love this picture! You and Daddy going into the western store to get him some new boots!
Look at that princess in her Get Up!
The cutest little girl in all of Brazoria County!

Nicki cam and hung out with us, it was a fun time!
The baby chicks were a huge hit for you...you thought it was funny when they nibbled your finger.
Above that baby cow is the Momma cow, she didn't scare you at all, you proceeded to pet her little baby. The next day we went to Grandpa's house & you were quite irritated that his cows wouldn't come up...you even offered them hay you picked up yourself w/ no suggestion from Mom. You are one smart little cookie.
Feeding the Goats Hay
Until next year BCFA...

We finally put up your bounce house you got for your birthday. We have had 2 pit bulls on the street that TEAR UP EVERYTHING...this cost too much to let get ruined! You had a ball in it!
Someone doesn't like her hands & feet getting dirty anymore...hmmmm

You were sitting in your chair and demanded Grandpa sit down & rock!
We went on a walk w/ Soph...I wish it was really as it appears in the photo but Soph does NOT like to be held or ride in the wagon. It took about 5 shots to get this picture since Soph kept jumping out.

Such a good sister...brushing Clo

Oh Clo is so patient w/ you! <3 font="font">

Monday, October 15, 2012

Davenport Family Reunion

Davenport 1st Annual Family reunion was this weekend...whew we had a busy weekend!!!

I found this idea on Pinterest, I thought it was really cool! I painted the tree & then everyone came and put their thumb print w/ their name on it to represent the leaves. I think it turned out great!

You, Grandpa, & Momo

Balloons are the best!

This is your cousin Ethan, he is one smart cookie!

Playing with Meme & Kiki

Our favorite Uncle Dennis! It took you a while but you warmed up! (oh and Ally)

You were being a silly girl!


Everyone just hanging out!

It turned out great, less a few people but we will get them one there!

Momo & her boys! :)

It was nice to see everyone since the family has gotten so big we don't really do holidays together anymore...bummer!