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Friday, October 25, 2013

The Fair

These boots never come off of your feet, you think I'm kidding? You wore them for 72 hours, only time they came off was to shower, you wore them to sleep & slept all night! They may be a blessing!! ;)
You loved the Brazoria County Fair so much! We went with your school Monday morning & then we came back Monday night! You loved the petting zoo, the jumpy thing, & the bees!! You are such a little cow girl!


Baby Hollis

Baby Hollis came 10 weeks early, that little stinker, she spent about 8 weeks in the hospital...came home for a week or so and went back with meningitis. She has had quite a trip but is such a fighter! She is 6 months old now and Stephy is more comfortable bringing her out so last weekend we had a play date. You love that baby so much that you have a tiny baby named Hollis! :)

Our trip to California

 We went to California for Auntie Joyce's 50th Birthday! :) We had so much fun and you loved every minute you had with Auntie Joyce, Jess, & Uncle Eddie! We did all kinds of fun stuff but our favorite for sure was Sea World. Jess took us to the beach & you thought it was amazing, they had seals at their beach how awesome is that?

Ready to fly...

Auntie Joyce was so surprised!

You loved bumming rides on Auntie Joyce's lap!

Jess, Mom, & Paisley at Seal Beach.
That was the fattest squirrel I've ever seen, you were infatuated with him!

The water & waves just had you cracking up!

Meme & you at the park!

Auntie Joyce spoiled you rotten the entire time!

Enjoying your ride with Gavin.

All of us reading our iPads on the way home! 
Auntie Joyce read you lots of books, so now you think you have to wear your glasses to read just like her!
We had such a good time! Thanks to the Gaddis family for having us!

Meme's Beach House Birthday

For Meme's 50th Birthday we got a beach house in San Luis Pass, you had a GREAT TIME! That was the prettiest beach I've seen around here. We found sand dollars, crabs, big pretty shells, and the sand was actually pretty sand! Meme had a great time and so did you!

The New House...

We are all settled in the new house & we love it! I still haven't hung a thing on the walls, I just need someone to come over and take charge of that. It turned out wonderfully & our builder was awesome! I was dreading the entire process b/c of all of the feedback we had received on building but I'll tell ya it wasn't bad at all!
Paisley had fun hanging out at the house everyday while it was being built.