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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

1st Anniversary Cruise to Cozumel

All of the AWESOME towel animals!! That was the best part of the day coming back to see what animal we might have!!

While parking we could see the tail & THE SLIDE!!

As soon as we got on Fun Ship Freddy wanted to take a picture!

We are back & we survived!! Lucky us we took off all week last week (well Joseph did I had to work on Monday) and that was great! A few days off to prepare for the cruise & then 4 days of pure ocean view!

So we left Galveston on Thursday May 20th & returned Monday May 24th, although we had a great time I was so ready to step on land again!!! When we first got there we decided we would just walk around and check out the boat. First thing we noticed and was quite disappointing there was only one pool and it was tiny w/ 2 hot tubs! Needless to say we didn't spend any time in the pool b/c it was packed full!! One night we got to enjoy the hot tub for a little bit but as soon as someone else wanted to join us we were out! LOL! The Casino on the boat was pretty big & Travis spent most of his time in there, that was his first gambling trip so he was hooked. He came home ahead so that's always a good thing! Everywhere you went there was a photographer and he wanted to take your picture,we had a few taken. They are crazy w/ their prices (not just on pics but on everything) one picture was $21.99 INSANE!!! I'm a sucker though & beings it was our 1st Anniversary I wanted a few for memories. The food on the ship was really good, they were probably ready for us to leave Joseph & Travis usually ordered 6-7 things for breakfast, for dinner 4 appetizers, 2/3 entrees every single night!! OH PLUS DESSERT!!! They sure got their moneys worth!! And for the best part....Cozumel!!! It was sooo pretty the beaches were white sand and the water was crystal blue! We decided to do the Beach Party it was basically just a day at the beach w/ all inclusive food and drinks. I do have to say they play up in the brochure their menu a lot....but we survived until we got back on the ship. Joseph & I rode Jet Ski's that was my favorite part of the entire vacation! It was awesome! You could also get on a water trampoline, climb a glacier (kinda like a rock wall but in water & inflatable), canoe, and ride the paddle boats. The water trampoline was really fun & the slide on it made it that much better!!! Joseph was the only successful one to make it to the top of the Glacier and the Paddle Boats were fun but tiring! We also got to do some shopping, of course that was the best part to me. I'd like to just go and check out the shops with out having to beat the clock but we got to see plenty! The following day was our anniversary & my awesome husband had flowers sent to the dinner table! That totally made my day, although stupid customs made me give em up but I got several pictures!! That night we went to Karaoke, there were several people that had amazing talent on that boat and some that its just amazing how good they think they are!! LOL They had a country dance party that night too so we went to that & had a good time! OH the comedian was quite entertaining, although that was the night that I got sick :(.

So we had a great time and did quite a bit! I was so ready to be home b/c I really missed Clowie, goofy I know, but true!! Our 1st Anniversary was great & I cant wait to spend many many more with the love of my life. When we got home we ate the top of our Wedding Cake....it's definitely not as good as a year ago, lol! I'm going to attach some pictures but if you would like to see them all check out our shutterfly link:

Formal Night

At Dinner The Wind Star Putt Putt was fun!

The Casino

The boys checking out the view! Steph & I on the slide!!
The pool in Cozumel was very pretty! My favorite part!!!

Hanging out in Cozumel!
Anniversary Dinner, my flowers & the cake they brought us and sang to us!


Can't say it was very good!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So much to do!

May has been the month that I've been dreading on one hand & dying for on the other! We have so much going on this month but in the midst of it all we get to go on a cruise for our 1 year anniversary! I am super excited!

It's very hard to believe that we've been married for a year! We have have accomplished so much & can't wait to see what lies before us. Not only have we accrued several items but also we have gained so much knowledge in our first year of being married. I have truly married the greatest man alive, I know I know I've said it before but I just think you all should know!

Although life has been crazy busy we have managed to make time to go out in the boat several time this month! We actually got a knee board and have gone probably 4 times its so much fun! Nothing better than getting your friends together and just enjoy time on the boat soaking up the rays! This past weekend was the best time yet, buttttt......Mr.Penney lost his wedding band when the rope jerked out of his hand! Unlike me .... I actually didn't get mad b/c i found the SAME ring on overstock.com for $42.99 when i paid over $300. So no biggie...buttt he didn't even keep it a year crazy man! Joseph has also gone racing once & he had a great time, even though the car broke...but thats ok just a minor problem.

I'm so excited to go on the cruise, I have been shopping like crazy but it's totally worth it! Thankfully we did really well with Scentsy last month that I have extra money to get me some new clothes! BTW thanks to everyone who has supported us, we couldn't hit all of the goals we have w/ out you guys! We have been SELLER OF THE MONTH several times now! (:

Well I just wanted to update this, but in a few weeks look for Cruise pictures!