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Friday, December 30, 2011

Week 33, 34, & Christmas

Week 33, 34, & Christmas will all be one post b/c there was so much going on I was a slacker, but also b/c I don't want to miss anything!!!

To start off, Paisley started CRAWLING on week 33!! Exciting!!!! She is everywhere, loves to go now that shes able! She has gotten carpet burn on her sweet little nose but shes improving!! She is also back to saying DaDa constantly!!!! Her Daddy took off to spend the day with her & I'm pretty sure that's all he did was "TRAIN" her! :P Blowing bubbles with spit is also a new thing! It is pretty funny!!!

Week 34 brought pulling up on everything in site, mommy ,daddy, the couch, Clowie, her toy box Santa brought her, the bar stools ( where she got stuck), and the entertainment center! She also repeated me when I said HOT...but she wont say it again! We have also got a Ma...but that's it nothing more! She now finds everything that the vacuum leaves behind...as well as every leaf that Bayleigh & Clowie bring in...no telling how many leaves shes consumed & I didn't notice! Crazy baby!!!

Now onto what you're really waiting on Christmas!! We had such a wonderful Christmas! We started off here at our house Christmas Eve afternoon Paisley opened our gifts (we opened gifts too butt..now that she's here that's what you wanna hear about). Then we went on to Meme & Grandpaw's and had Dinner, we then went to Candle Light Service, then back to Meme & Grandpaw's to open gifts! She got a huge swing set that wouldn't fit in the house so there are no pictures of it...but I'm sure as soon as she gets rid of her cough & it warms up a tad we will take LOTS of pictures!! Christmas day Santa came and brought Paisley lots of goodies...one that was her absolute favorite...a toy box! Santa asked a very special person to help him with this gift, Uncle Matt worked very hard with Santa to make "SAM" (what Uncle Matt calls Paisley) the perfect toy box, and boy is it perfect! So perfect that we have a hard time convincing her to get OUT of it!! Soon we will take it to Schelli (the lady that painted her room) to paint it! Once it serves its purpose as a toy box I plan to use it as a hope chest!! I'm very excited about this gift if you can't tell!

Later we had several other stops, Gunner came by to open gifts, Steph & Travis, and a few others! Our Penney Christmas will be celebrated on New years because the girls are all with their dads, so many more pictures to come!!!

Opening gifts from Mommy & Daddy

Some of the gifts we got her!

Mom & I thought it would be fun to dress like Twinkies!
Paisley & Her MeMe

Daddy & Paisley Girl

See I CRAWL!!!

Grandpaw & Paisley

She loves Mac

Her Stroller Meme & Grandpaw got her.

Hello there!!

Loves her Cabbage Patch girl Lexi

Christmas Morning! (btw took lots of convincing to make Joseph wear PJs he only kept them on for the pictures!)

Look at all the goodies Santa brought!

Her Favorite!

She wanted in that toy box!

Christmas with the Brown's!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa At Bass Pro

We had a date night on Friday & took you to see Santa at Bass Pro. It was a lot of fun, you looked so cute, we had so many compliments!! Once again Santa was your friend! :) Daddy was very tired as you can see in the pics...I'm not sure why he was b/c he stayed home w/ you Friday to get some Christmas Shoppin done...btw when I came home all you would say was "DADADADA" I think he brain washed you! :)

The Nutcracker
Almost Paisley's Turn!!! So excited!!

Santa, for Christmas I want....

Why?? This face every time we want a Christmas Pic!?


Family Pic

Mommy's Angel

This is what I'd like for Christmas!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 32

My Sweet girl was sick this week! A sinus infection w/ a UTI..no fun! Saturday morning we went to the doctor b/c Thursday and Friday you were sick, 102.5 fever really had me worried. I called the dr. when you were running 99.7 and they swore you were fine and it's not fever until 100.5.....well I was right so we spent the weekend at the doctor. Daddy was out of town so it was just you and I...there were lots of naps taken b/c there wasn't much sleeping at night! I hope you get well soon Angel Face!!! <3

P.S. You are still army crawling!

Loved the tongue depressers!

You can see in your eyes you're sick!

Had to include this picture Lauren took...she bought you the cutest outfit!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas In the Park...or Community Center

I had no clue it was Christmas in the Park...well the Community Center due to the weather... I got us dressed ASAP and we went to see Santa!!! Your lil buddy Gunner met us up there, it amazes me that Santa doesn't even scare you!

The Daddy's & their Babies!

They Mommy's & their Babies!

Paisley Girl

She ate way too much popcorn...the soft part!

Hi Santa!

Paisley & Gunner

How do you like this face...she loved Santa but you constantly make this face!! <3

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Week 31

My mobile baby!! You are constantly on the go!

Brrr. it's cold outside!

Riding on the tractor w/ Daddy!

Meme got you a walker...you think its pretty cool! When I say Who's Got the Keys to the Jeep...BEEP BEEP...you think its hilarious!!! I just love your little personality!

You and Gunner were having a conversation with you daddies!

Friday, December 2, 2011

7 Months

Well, you are:

-Eating 7oz

-Eat baby food 3 times a day.

-Eating off of our plate, things like mashed potatoes, fruits, vegetables, breads, beans & we haven't found anything you haven't liked.

- You are army crawling....crawling won't be long.

- Still waking up once during the night.

- In 6 month, 6-9 month, and one of your Christmas out fits was 18-24 months...wow!!

- Size 2 & 3 shoes.

- Say Dada...baba....

- Still love Bayleigh

-Growing like a weed!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

We had a good time decorating the tree...of course you wanted to take all of the ornaments off! I can't wait until next year when you can put the ornaments on! :)

Supervising Daddy
Just hanging out watching mom!


Again...the face! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Week 30

You had your first slumber party with your Aunt Crystal. She took some time off and wanted to babysit you and suggested you just stay the night, I'm not going to lie that was a hard call for us! Not only were you going to be spending the night i wouldn't see you from 7:30am on Monday until 3:00 on Wednesday...so it was a long time!! Thankfully she brought you Monday afternoon to have lunch with us, but it was still very hard. I woke up and your normal times but it was nice to sleep and not have to get up! Speaking of...you have started sleeping through the night, OK well I have to get up and give you your pacifier but not a bottle!! :) That has been very nice!

We put up your Christmas Tree, it is filled w/ the Hallmark Barbies Meme has collected for me since 1994! I think it turned out really cute, and you just love the lights!

All of the barbies!

My sweet Angel girl!

You got your first pedicure...aren't those the cutest pink toes you have ever seen?! Of course I painted both your toes and nails when you were asleep...there would have been no way that you would have stayed still long enough for me to do it when you were awake!

We have a wanna be crawler on our hands! You get up on your knees and rock back and forth...you get so frustrated that you can't go...but it will be soon!!!! I'm not sure if I'm ready for this b/c you a such a busy baby!!

You have given your Daddy a big head...what started out as "BABABA" he has now translated to "DADA"....ok so maybe you have started saying "DADA" but "BABA" came first and comes more frequently! : P

The infamous spitting has come back...I thought you were over it...but not so much! It's hard not to laugh but I'm afraid that's one habit we should break from the start!

I love you little girl to the moon & back!