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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

17 Weeks & Daddy's B-Day

This week you started on Oatmeal Cereal, you have improved so much in just 4 days. You started off covered in it and nothing in your tummy just all over your tummy...but now most end up in your tummy! This is helping you sleep longer, you wake up around 4 and eat. You've also moved on to 5oz every 4 hours. This weekend you went to your first little kid birthday, however you slept & ate majority of the time but thats ok mommy had fun visiting. I took my camera hoping to get some pictures but, one parent, one baby, and a camera...the camera is impossible! We have many many more coming up soon so I'll make sure Daddy comes so we can get some pictures. This week you have also discovered your voice, OMG you are loud! Daddy had hoped to sleep in on Saturday but you were so noisy he wasn't able. We also we to Olive Garden for our birthday's with your Daddy's side of the family and sheesh you were loude, thankfully everyone thought it was cute! Next week you start "school" I'm already freaking out and it's a week away ....it's hard b/c I don't know them butttt with time I will and I think you will enjoy it.

Daddy turns 25 today...man he's old! : P Here are some pics from his birthday!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week 16 & Mommy's B-Day

Dinner with my friends!

Mommy & Daddy

Family Picture

My Pals!

The best birthday gift ever!

Ready to go eat for Moms birthday...how cute is she in her Sperry's & daisy dukes?!

My pretty cake!

Ryan's card was quite humorous!

We had an icing war....I think he won!
Such a strong girl!

Splashing in MeMe's pool!

Paisley turned 16 weeks old and I turned 25...eeek! I had the best day with my sweet girl we just hung out! This time last year I was so worried that we weren't going to be able to have a baby & 10 days later I found out I was pregnant! She is the best birthday gift I could ask for!

Sunday we went to church & then dropped Paisley off with Meme and Grandpaw while Joseph took me birthday shopping! We went back and had dinner since Grandpaw had surgery on my actual birthday, it was sooo yummy! Monday night we went out to dinner with our friends & had a great time! I can only imagine your 25th birthday, I'm sure you will be a beautiful & respectable young lady! I love you Angel!

Things you have done this week...you are getting so good at holding yourself up while on your belly, and you started to kinda scoot...maybe crawling will be soon! I've started you on oatmeal cereal since rice cereal really doesn't agree with you...but oatmeal must not be as filling b/c you are still getting up. I love to hear you laugh and talk it is the cutest thing everrr!! You also went swimming in Meme's pool, you looovvee to splash around! You will definitely be a water baby!! (also your Sperry's finally fit :) )

Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 15

It's so amazing to me how much of a difference this formula has made, there are some days where there is barely any crying if any! You take your naps, eat, play, and just enjoy life where as before you cried a lot...I feel so bad I didn't make this switch sooner. Guilt got me b/c I felt bad to quit nursing, I knew it benefited you...so here is an example where its not always best! Anyways, you are such a happy little girl and we just enjoy it so much! Sleeping...well we are going eventually get you back to sleeping all night...you are just a hungry girl I guess b/c you eat and go back to sleep no problem. Now Daddy can start getting up too, ahhh a full 8 hours straight of sleep would be awesome! However you are the happiest little girl when you wake up, you great us with a smile every time...so it soo worth it!

You are so smart, you can now roll from front to back and back to front no problem! We lay you on your floor gym more and more & now you have fun with it...I think its beginning to take place of the mobile. Just a few days ago you started trying to sit up when we put you in your car seat, you are always doing this...so I think you will be sitting up soon! Speaking of car seat, you are getting so good at going we don't have as many fits thankfully! My oh my are you growing fast, before we know it you will be walking! :(

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 14

Racing for Steph's B-Day

B-Day Girl

Birthday Boy

I made this for Uncle Ryan

Shop 'til ya drop!


Happy B-Day Uncle Ryan!

My Sweet 14 Week Old Angel!

You are now on all formula and my oh my are you a happier baby!! Why didn't we switch you sooner, however it's super expensive but it's totally worth it! :) You love to spit & blow bubbles, it's so funny! You eat your hands constantly. You are almost rolling from back to belly it will come soon! You also went shopping all day Saturday & you were such a good girl! It was Stephy's B-day and we had an awesome day! Sunday was Uncle Ryan's B-Day so after church we went to eat for his birthday!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

1/4 of a Year (3 months(

  • You wear size 2 Diapers

  • You wear some 0-3 & some 3-6 month clothes.

  • You weigh about 15 lbs I bet.

  • You eat 6 oz every 3 hours.

  • You wake up to eat, but you go right back to sleep.

  • Bath time is still a favorite and you laugh at yourself in the mirror.

  • You laugh all of the time.

  • You roll over.

  • You can sit up in your bumbo without any issues.

  • Bayleigh is completely infatuated with you, however you like to watch Clowie more.

  • You love to go outside, if you are ever fussy we go outside and you are good.

  • You really like your Paci when your sleepy, however around 4 months we are going to start giving it to you less. Wish me luck ;)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Week 13

This weekend was exciting Paisley had her first PJ Party! Stephs b-day is this coming up weekend & Lauren won't be here so while the guys were at the races we had a Candy PJ Party! So much fun!!! Also new this week is you've started on rice cereal b/c you haven't been sleeping that great :( You are now big enough for your excersaucer and you kinda like it...everything in moderation is the saying! We've also decided starting Sept 1st.... you will start daycare and Mommy will work 4 days a week! :(