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Monday, July 30, 2012

14 Months & 4 Weeks

Oh my smart girl, you have learned so much in just a week. You now go up to people and say BEL BUH and want them to lift their shirts to show you their belly button! You can also point out your own belly button as well as eyes & nose...and sometimes mouth! You can also tell me a puppy says RUFF RUFF and a cow says MOOOO. We've been working on other animal noises and you really like Chicken-Bock Bock! You still won't say Momma...I think you are intentionally torturing me, haha! I got good news last week that you will be starting a pre-school program starting September 4th, it will be on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 8:30-11:30, I think you will love the interaction with other kids. There is another surprise about this ordeal but I can't let the cat out of the bag just yet! :)

 When Daddy is away these are the kind of things he's off hauling.
You love to dip things! 
 Fun at the park!
 Sliding with Stephy!
I don't know what you two would do without each other...you need a sibling lol! 
 Driving mommy's car!
We mow pavement around our hood! 
Playing with Freddy, Uncle Johnny's son! 
 What? You don't sit in your shoe drawer?
My two goof balls! 
 I've never seen you love a meal so much, Baked Potato Soup!
 Who's got the keys to the jeep..beep beep!
 Hey can you hear me???
And last but definitely, Sweet Trek! I met up with Trek's family in April and got the privilege of holding that sweet boy! I've been dying for this picture but didn't want to bug Chelsea and Jarrett ...the other day she posted it to my facebook & I was soo excited! Isn't he the most precious little man? I miss hearing about that little love!

Monday, July 23, 2012

1 year...2 months...and 3 weeks...

I can remember when you were 1 day, 2 hours, and 3 minutes old and that seems like only yesterday. You are growing so fast & are so incredibly smart! If we do something you are right behind us trying and trying until you can do it. You love to read books to yourself..there isn't much time for us to read to you since you flip the pages so quickly! The other day I was trying to think which toy would I classify as your favorite...sadly it's not a toy and there isn't just one...My Phone tops the list and you can unlock it but I'm going to need you to figure out the password b/c you locked me out of it for 15 minutes this weekend, haha! Second would be bracelets, you go into my room and get every bracelet out of my jewelry box and put them on then you're marching through the house with your arm straight up so they don't fall off! Then comes the remote...it is pretty low on the list but it definitely trumps toys!

 You still love your sandbox and I'm sad to say we don't get to use it as much b/c of the mean ole mosquito's!
 Love my little munchkin!
A baby maxi...how cute! Oh you are beautiful! 
 So your new thing is climbing up onto the chair and couch yourself, you feel like such a big girl! You sat here and watched cartoons for at least 30 min while drinking your milk!
 Mmmm cookies, toy cars, and shopping...an awesome day!
 THRILLER...THRILLER...you cried when I put this hat up!
 So while we were shopping we got you some new shoes, you have to do this when your little monkey has grown 2 shoe sizes in 1 month)..well you got 3 pairs one pair that lights up and you are so amused by them that you run into everything because you wont look up. 1 pair of Jelly's that must be your favorite b/c first thing when you woke up you brought them to me to put them on you. And last but NOT least...the cutest brown sandals in the world!
 Mommy and Paisley cruising!
 Chillin with Katelyn & Aunt Crystal
Your Aunt Crystal is CRAZZY! 
Sweet Baby! 
Relaxing at Meme's playing with the iPad! 

 Back off she's all mine!
 Saturday before we went shopping we went to the Sea Center, you loved playing in the touch tank where there were crabs. It was a small place but you were amazed I love the picture of you pointing at the fish!
Stephy went with us, can't wait until she has a little friend to enjoy it with you...get in gear Stephy!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

My little love!

I am so blessed to be your mommy! You keep me laughing daily, some times you are rotten but that's ok b/c I wouldn't have it any other way! This week 2 situations in our community have made me once again realize how special each day is. When we discovered Trek's story life changed a lot for me, now it's the other way around a woman I went to Cosmetology School have known for years passed away by possibly a heart attack, it's still unknown. Another lady that I don't know as well but she too sells Scentsy & lives in Danbury has been battling cancer & they don't give her much time. I can honestly say that the main reason for this blog in the beginning was b/c I have a huge fear of not being around to watch you grow up! Horrible fear I know, but I feel that if I document it enough you will know your story, you will know my heart, and you will know I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS ENTIRE WORLD! Unfortunately those fears were brought to light this week, 5 kids will have to grow up without their mother & that breaks my heart! I love you so much & I'm so blessed to be your mother thank you for making my life so wonderful! Muah, xoxox!

Daddy was gone most of the week, man that's getting old to say! We are really praying for that to change sooner than later b/c we want Daddy to be as much of a part of your life as I am! Being away is ok for some people but it's just not how we picture our life, props to those people who don't mind it, you are way tougher than me!

 You and Stephy cooking with your kitchen!
The tunnel is probably your new favorite toy!!
I wasn't quick enough but Daddy was all the way in there...it was so funny!

Stephy was gunna get you! 
Brushing that 1/4th of a Tooth!

 Free-Toes anyone? You're so cute!
 Our new ride, Pearla :)!
 I love this picture of you in Grandpa's hat! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Meme

Meme wanted to go to the new attraction in Galveston, Pleasure Pier, for her birthday. We had such a good time, I figured you would be too small to enjoy it but you had a BLAST!

Meme opening her gift before we left!

 Here we go....
It was really scary looking over the edge but the little dare devil you are had no fear.
 You wanted to ride these trucks so bad that when we picked you up to take you on them you laid down and cried thinking you didn't get to watch them...silly girl!

Meme was the brave one that rode with you! (see Daddy & Grandpa in the background)

 Who's got the keys to the jeep...beep beep!
 Checking out the water!
 It was a gloomy day but that was good b/c it wasn't hot!
 Taking in all of the excitement...the carousel was directly in front of you...
 So we rode it and you loved it!
 We played some games & won you 2 stuffed animals.
 A giraffe & a unicorn.

 This was an empty stage & you were shaking that booty!
Mmmmm..thirsty girl loved the icy!
The tea cups were fun & you liked them but man they got my stomach!


Gotta love what Instagram can do to a picture, I feel like all of the pics need editing but I would make all of my followers crazy!
It wasn't 5 minutes after leaving that you were out like a light! It was such a good time, I hope Meme enjoyed it as much as we did!

Here are a few other pics from this weekend:

I was cleaning & next thing I knew so were you! Such a cute little helper!

Sophie TRIES sleeping like this every night, she's such a cuddler!