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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

20 Weeks

I went to the doctor yesterday for my follow up appointment from the ultrasound. Everything looked great, she is growing perfectly. The heartbeat was 143, the nurse said you have a very active little girl! As we went on I was telling Dr. Tran about the U/S Tech we had & how she wasn't the nicest person I'd ever encountered...I was still a little weary to buy girl stuff b/c I wasn't sure. So the sweet heart she is she said well I one more patient for today let me go take care of her & we will do another ultrasound to be sure, I'm a need to know kind of person too!! I was so happy to hear that! She came back & did the ultrasound and said we DEFINITELY have a little girl so go buy pink until your heart gives out! LOL! Now I can order my bedding so I can start painting the room...oh I'm so excited! This is the bedding I've chose:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Joseph felt her move...

I've been feeling Paisley move more often, but its still very soft.Joseph has been out of town A LOT so the days shes very active he's not here or around. The past few nights I've been hoping he would feel her beings he will be leaving out of town again. I notice she moves more when she hears deep voices or maybe that's just when I feel it. My uncles & Dad were talking at work the other day and she was going nuts! Last night Joseph had a phone call while we were laying in bed & he was loud & she started! So I made him feel & finally when he hung up he felt her! It was not something that was oh yes that was her...it was more like I think I felt it!!! I was so excited that he finally got to somewhat see that amazing feeling I get to feel daily! When she moves it gives me that peace knowing shes OK, having to wait a month to hear her heart beat sometimes got nerve wracking! I'm so thankful for this baby & my wonderful family, this is going to be a GREAT Christmas, however next year is going to be the BEST BY FAR! I hope you all have a great time with your families and enjoy every moment you have with them!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

And she moved....

I had a busy day yesterday after work I finished up my last minute shopping, thankfully, then off to dinner with my sister in law and nieces. When I got home I went on a cleaning frenzy (my house probably appreciated it)...finally lay down and bed and oh my gosh was Paisley moving! I've felt her a few times but never enough to really know it was her...she was going nuts in there. I think had Joseph been home he could have felt it b/c I had my hand on my stomach and I could most definitely feel it. Too bad Joseph will be out of town for a few days, but I guess on the bright side she will perfect her madness so when he gets here he can really feel her! That was the best feeling ever, however it was a little odd, I was so happy to have finally felt it and for sure know what it was. We've been going to bed at about 9 every night...well this was 10:45 so maybe shes a night owl...this must change before she enters this word!! :) I can't wait to feel her again it was awesome!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a GIRL!

So yesterday we went for our ultrasound, I was so thankful that Joseph was able to make it. Originally he was supposed to go out of town for a job but since we had this scheduled first he was able to fly up there and meet them! Thats was a blessing!!!
So when we got there I was so nervous & I knew I had to drink 16oz of something or they weren't going to let me back yet but my stomach was churning so it was sooo hard....Orange Juice it was (thanks to my super smart friend Brandi) apparently OJ gives your baby a sugar rush! haha! Baby Penney was flipping and flopping around so she was very happy to show us everything the tech needed to see. She said finally this morning one thats going to participate. After about 30 minutes of her doing her measurements she finally said well ITS A GIRL! I was sooo excited!! Joseph said another GIRL! hahahah! He is really excited, he and his family were hoping for a boy b/c its been so long since they have had a baby boy! No worries we will get our boy next!
After the appointment we called & sent out texts so my phone was going crazy (my apology in advance if you did not get a text...i tried to remember everyone). We went to lunch at BJ's Brewery, gotta love their pizza, and we discussed names. I've been dead set on the name Paisley, I just love it! Joseph has never said yes or no b/c he said it didn't matter b/c it's a girl...well he was wrong! So we made our list while waiting on our food & he likes Paisley but wanted to choose the middle name.Well this was after he was giving me a hard time telling me he really wanted to name her Wynona Gene...really?? Not sure where that came from...random! I had 2-3 options Paisley Renee, Paisley Grace, or Paisley Danielle....he likes Paisley Renee...thats my favorite too! We are passing down our middle names so the boy whenever he gets here will be Jaxon Crockett, and Joseph picked that so it was only fair that I picked the girl! So as of now and we are about 85% sure that Paisley Renee Penney will be our precious little girls name, however my mother will be calling her Sweet P (she doesn't like the name)!
I'm very proud of myself I've not had the urge to shop yet...maybe b/c I'm overwhelmed with Christmas shopping at the moment..idk!?! My sister in law and nieces brought Paisley her first gift...the cutest outfit, blanket, and accessories!! This child will be spoiled rotten...it's already known! So ONE of the days we have all been waiting for has come and gone & now we know we will have a beautiful little girl come May! December 21st I go for my doctors appointment regarding the ultra sound so check back around then for an update!

How far along? 18 weeks & 1 Day

Total weight gain: So far nothing but we shall see at the next apt!

Maternity clothes? No, just the hair tie. I bought a bella band....I just don't really care for it!

Sleep: Sleeping great...however stomach is now off limits!

Best moment this week: Seeing my precious little one & finding out it is now a SHE!

Movement: every now and then...not too often yet.

Gender: Girl, Paisley Renee

Labor Signs:God no!

Belly Button in or out? In but I'm afraid it might be stretching...eeekkk.

Cravings: Gotta have my apple juice....I drank one gallon in 3 days.

What I miss: Sleeping however I want.

Weekly Wisdom: Every time you see your little ones progress its amazing. I can't believe how much she has grown!!!

Milestones: Knowing i will be having a GIRL!

*Be sure to send me your email address if you follow my blog b/c in about 3 weeks it will be going private. I do not want to allow just anyone into my life story especially once the baby is here!*

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Less than a week..

In less than one week we will find out what our little bundle of joy is!! This time has really blown by, I feel like yesterday I was just taking that test! I'm so excited, a healthy baby is all that matters to me,but my gut has always said girl. I've told myself girl this whole time and now I'm beginning to think boy(maybe its me preparing myself)...so all the cute girly stuff I've seen I'm kinda sad that I might not get to buy..... but there are sooo many cute boy things as well! I know the "THINGS" won't matter one bit but those things are what have made me feel like this pregnancy is REAL! It still so hard to believe that in just a few months we will be parents! I wonder how we will be...
Christmas is right around the corner, I love this time of the year!! Our house is all Christmas-y, it makes me feel so jolly and full of joy! The best part of Christmas to me is buying others gifts, I love the look on peoples face when they get something they have been hoping for! I love watching my nieces tear through the wrapping paper and get all excited! Just the joy that others get from receiving leaves me wishing for Christmas to hurry up and get here! Just to think next year at this time I will have a 6/7 month old is amazing!!