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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mommy'a Birthday in Lake Livingston

This was a great camping trip! We were going to stay at Northshore Resort but when we got there it was terrible so we packed back up and headed over to Lake Livingston KOA! The view was beautiful!!

Ready for the good life!!
A rainbow right over our site!💕
Pool Fun 
Fun at the lake!
Mommy & Mrs.Kelli
Birthday Fun
Such a fun trip can't wait to go back!!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

First Camping Trip Success

Our first camping trip has been a success!! We spent 3 nights at San Antonio KOA & we had a great time! Paisley had lots of friends to play with beings that 2 other families we knew were there! I was worried how the dogs would do & they did great! We went swimming, made smores, played at the park, and even watched a movie in the pool!! I can't wait to book our next trip!
Pool time with Kynlee, Kyleigh, & Tenley!

We did a beer dive, I was the diver, we did pretty good!

Just chillin with Mrs.Kelli at the pool!

A fun blow up water slide!

There wasn't a fire pit so the grill had to work!
Paisley loved them!!
Can you tell?

The puppies enjoyed the Dog Park!!
They were queens of the park!
Pretty girls!

Daddy enjoyed some horse shoes!
A little basketball fun!
Dinner at the camper!
We had to get a picture with the camper behind us!

Lots of fun with good friends...

Our 4th Pics..daddy had a matching shirt but forgot it!

Until next time! Xoxo

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

We are on the road to become Happy Campers!!

So we got the camper! I love it and can't wait to spend time with my family & see the world! This was a spur of the moment deal for us but my goal for this year was to make sure family was first (after God ofcourse!), so with that being said I think this will be a great addition to family time! So for the pics of the trailer, I love it, can't wait to take our first trip!!

They had it all cleaned up!!
Ready to take her home!
Joseph had to haul a load so...that meant I had to haul it home from Houston...scariest time of my life but I did it and did a great job might I add!
Mission accomplished! 
The dogs love it!!!

Soon we will take our first trip! I can't wait!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Happy Campers!!

Wow, it's been a while!! I'm not sure where I left off but here is a quick update on life here at the Penney House!

 Paisley is 4 and the smartest little girl ever! Last spring she started a Mother's Day out program but she still goes to her May-May's...she was very determined to have her keep her! She loves to read, paint, make crafts, and most of all bake! She actually won a pie contest this spring!

Joseph & I opened a trucking company, Penney Heavy Hauling, LLC., about a year ago with 2 other partners. Business has been going well!! We have been very blessed with a great support group and wonderful customers!

 We have a new fur baby, Willow, she's an 8 month old chocolate lab, she is my baby!! I love her!!💕 We still have our Sophie Girl, she's doing wonderful!! We also have a cat, Bella #2, Bella #1 ran away & never came back! The story Paisley will give you is that Bella ran away to her sisters house and got some stripes!! She comes up with some stuff I tell ya! We had rabbits for a few months but after PawPaw's dogs getting them twice we figured rabbits were not for us! The first 2 were attacked on Easter morning...thankfully Mr.Otto had a few left over...didn't really look like ours.. Paisley the comedian said the Easter Bunny gave her bunnies polka dots and turned them into girls! I love that kid!!! Oh and we have a fish, Charlie Lock!

Joseph now races Crate Late Models and does very well! He's been racing this car about a year and finishes in 3rd most days! Paisley enjoys going to the racers to watch her Daddy and Pawpaw! Joseph, Johnny, and my dad all race in the same class...talk about high stress levels...that's a lot to watch all at one time!

A few weeks ago coming home from church out of no where Paisley spouts out "Yall NEVER take me camping!" Well, I didn't realize she knew much about camping!! So we took a trip to Mississippi to visit Crystal, she lives there now, and on that long 10 hour ride we saw several campers which brought up the camper conversation! The more me talked the more we realized that camping is something that we all would like to do! So we went on the hunt for a camper!! 4 days later we found the perfect layout and we have booked our first trip! That's what sent me back to our blog! I think it'll be neat to blog about each camping trip we go on! So check back to see the places we go & what places we enjoy most!!

Pictures of our new trailer to follow!😊